How to enlarge your penis without surgery

The penis increases to 3 centimeters

It is known that even with a small sexual organ, a man is able to lead a full, exciting sexual life, to start a family and become a father. However, it is extremely difficult to accept your body as it is. A small penis often becomes a source of insecurity. The true cause of self-doubt in a man may be a bad sexual experience at a young age or peers mocking at a changing room of a gym, but a grown man usually hardly remembers when he first had a thought of his own body’s imperfection. He’s just convinced that a small penis is a problem. Over time, the size of the genital organ does cause difficulties with dating girls and talking about it with other guys. If man doesn’t start feeling more self-assured he may end up feeling depressed. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, and even more than one.

Let’s look at several ways to help you get results without resorting to surgery.

Normal penis size

There is no size of the penis taken as a standard. For every man it is important to understand whether he is satisfied with the parameters of his sexual organ.

However, there is a definition “micropenis” in medicine. A micropenis is a penis whose length in an erected state is less than 8 centimeters. Good news for those who have a size of 9 centimeters – this is considered normal. Is this enough to satisfy a woman? It depends on a woman. If a girl by nature has a small vagina or is training her muscles, there should be no problems.

In fact, not every man admits that he wants to enlarge his penis for other reasons other than for women. First of all, every person puts themselves first. If a small penis becomes an obstacle for making someone happy, one should use one of the ways to enlarge this organ. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now.

action of the ointment to increase the penis

Ways to enlarge the penis size

The penis is devoid of bone or cartilage, which makes it susceptible to external influences. There is a theory that the regular interaction of the penis with narrow vaginas, leads to its reduction in size in just a couple of months. We can assume that there is a similar tendency for a penis to enlarge. Hypothetical changes in the size of male genitalia are possible at the expense of anatomical features of this organ.

A man’s penis consists of one spongy and two cavernous bodies. During the erection, the blood fills the cavities of the cavernous body, due to which the penis becomes hard and enlarges in size. If you increase the volume of cavities filled with blood, you can increase the length and thickness of the penis.

By the way, an operation to increase a penis – ligamentotomy – helps only to change the length of the organ. To give the organ extra volume, another type of intervention will be required – transplantation of the adipose tissue.

The decision on the necessity of the operation should be taken only after consulting with a doctor. There are contraindications to this type of surgical intervention but don’t forget about the complications.

World statistics say that the average size of the penis in a state of erection is 14 centimeters. However, depending on the region, the indicator may differ. The diameter varies from three to four centimeters. The size of the penis, which corresponds to the declared parameters is considered absolutely normal, hence there is no indication for the operation.

If a man has an irresistible desire to enlarge the size of men’s sex organ without causing harm and with maximum effect, it is worth considering the most effective methods of penis enlargement without surgery.

The most common methods for increasing the penis are as follows:

  • Jelqing
  • Massage
  • Tensile loads.
  • Medications
  • Extender.
  • Vacuum pump
  • Sprays, gels and creams for enlargement
  • Penis sleeves
  • Surgery

To obtain a good result, it is better to combine several methods together. It’s not worth expecting momentary effect: all procedures must be performed regularly for several months in order to achieve the desired results.

Methods for enlarging penis at home

Most men are mistrustful of various methods that help to increase the size of the penis. First of all, this is due to the regular adverts on the Internet promising magical results in a record short time. However, with an informed approach to this issue, you can choose a method that will not be a waste of money and time.

What is jelqing

The oldest technique of penis enlargement, which has come to the modern world from the countries of southeast Asia and Africa. With the help of special massage actions similar to squeezing the udder of a cow during milking, the penis stretches out in length. To master this technique, you need to arm yourself with special lubricant and work strictly according to the instructions. There are several techniques for jelqing.

The main condition for the procedure is to bring the penis into a state of moderate erection.

The meaning of jelqing is to increase blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The cavities stretch and the penis becomes longer.

A few months of regular training will help the cavern cavities become larger due to the increase in the blood volume filling the cavernous bodies. As a consequence, the sex organ itself also enlarges.

Finding a training video or information about jelqing on the Internet is now easy. Two very simple and effective exercises are worth looking at.

The first exercise

ways to increase the penis

Make your penis warm. It is necessary to prepare the tissues for better elasticity and prevention of possible injuries. It is best to use dry heat for warm-up: hold a bag with salt heated on the frying pan or a warm bottle of water. The temperature should be even on all sides. Then the penis should be brought to the state of incomplete erection and carefully lubricated with cream or special gel for penis enlargement. Next, you need to hold the organ near the base with your fingers in a shape of a ring. Slowly move the fingers to the head, stretching the penis. You don’t need to go as far as the head since there are no cavernous bodies there. You need to start with 50 movements, gradually increasing their number to 200.

The second exercise

The difference from the first exercise is that you need to squeeze the penis with the palm of your hand: grasp the sexual organ and squeeze it for 10 seconds. If necessary, you can use both hands.

Squeezing the penis with your hand, it must be pulled to the left, to the right, up and down. The sequence does not matter. Squeezing should be strong enough but so as not to feel pain. Your penis might grow by 2 cm per month

Massage for penis lengthening

A great opportunity to increase the sexual organ at home without resorting to surgery. Also, the massage is beneficial for potency. If you want to achieve good results and not to injure your body, the main thing is to perform the technique correctly.

Before the massage, the penis should also be warmed up properly, as before jelqing. It is better to take a small towel, wet it in hot water and hold it to the penis.

A specific massage technique can be found on the numerous training videos on the Internet.

jelqing way to enlarge the penis

Weights for penis enlargement

This is the most high-injury method of all Regular stretching of various areas of the penis tissues can injure the penis, which will slowly stretch with the help of weights. The thickness of the sexual organ can hardly be corrected in this way. Before using weights, it is better to do a massage and warm the penis properly. After this, you need to attach a plaster above the penis head; over the plaster you will need to hang a cord with a small weight. The first session should last no more than 15 minutes, the load should be increased gradually during subsequent sessions. Make sure that the head of the penis does not lose sensitivity during the process. If this happens, the weight should be decreased.

Let’s try an extender

First of all, this device is designed to eliminate the curvature of the penis, but it can also be used to enlarge the penis. The device allows you to keep the penis in a stretched state, which causes the tissues to grow. Regular use of the device will be effective, and the result will last for a long time. It’s possible to use it 3-4 hours a day. There are several types of extender: belt, loop and vacuum. It is best to choose the best one for you with the help of an expert.

Vacuum pumps

By its looks this device resembles a flask with a pump for evacuating air. It helps not only to enlarge the penis, but also improves the quality of the erection. It is convenient for use in cases when a member in an erect state does not have sufficient firmness and elasticity. The principle of work is quite simple – inside the device a vacuum is created, which improves blood flow and, accordingly, an erection.

Before applying, the penis needs to be treated with a lubricant and placed into a special cylinder, then evacuate the air. Due to the pressure drop, a sudden inflow of blood occurs, so that the penis increases in length and in the girth. The pump increases the penis immediately by 3 centimeters, but this is only a temporary effect. It is advisable to use this device only before the sexual intercourse. You can buy a pump in a pharmacy or a sex shop.

Penis sleeves

A quick way to make your partner happy with your new larger member. The sleeve significantly reduces the sensitivity of the penis, which increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

The sleeves are made of silicone or latex. The surface of such a toy can be either smooth or decorated with spikes, rings or other raised shapes.

We can conclude this article by saying that there are many methods to increase the penis of a man without surgery. There are so many various methods that you do not need to resort to surgery. The main thing is to believe in yourself and love your body.

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