How to use a vacuum pump

Automatic device with built-in monitor

How do you use a penis enlargement vacuum pump? The mechanism is fairly simple. Vaccuum pressure is created around the penis, which accelerates bloodflow. The cavernous bodies fill with blood, expand, and the penis grows longer, thicker, harder, and looks more inspiring. This process is called hyperemia.

How does the vacuum pump work?

The vacuum pump causes heightened vessel tones, helps enlarge the penis, and preserve its size for 30-60 minutes. The pomp can be used as a massager.

ATTENTION! Do not abuse the vacuum pump. This can lead to bruises and internal bleeding.

Apparat for penis enlargement

What forms do vacuum pumps take?

All vacuum pumps share a lot in common. The penis is placed into the vessel — a plastic pump with sections. Also included into the set is a pear and a cap with a condenser. Pressure is pumped in the flask with the help of the pear. There are appliances with additional devices and functions: an air-gauge, an automatic pressure regulator, etc.

A hand hump (with a pear) is the simplest device to control. But in order to achieve results, you’ll need to pressure the air manually.

In automatic pumps, the pressure in the flask is created by an electric pump. It works on batteries. The air-gauge provides a means to track the pressure level. Certain models are equipped with the power sucking control system.

Water pumps are the most modern penis enlargement apparatus. With the help of the cuff pump, it is filled with water instead of compressed air. The hydropump serves longer than manual or automatic pumps and features fewer contraindications.

Pump selection

The selection is made based on 2 criteria: the original size of the penis and the objective you’re pursuing (increasing the length, width, etc. of your penis)

Also, the following factors need to be taken into account:

  • the length of the flask must be 2-3 cm longer than your hard penis;
  • the diameter of the flask is 1-2 cm wider than your hard penis;
  • If you are using a pump for the first time, choose a manual appliance with a pear.

The pump compressor must be highly hermetic. It’s best to choose an appliance with a transparent flask in order to control the process.

The benefits and flaws of a vacuum pump

The vacuum pump provides not only a cosmetic effect, but also a medical one. During regular use, the erection is preserved for longer than usual. Sensitivity in the penis decreases insignificantly, which provides additional pleasure to the partner. Meanwhile, the penis increases not only in length, but in width as well.

Also, the pump can fix penis curvature. Inside the flask, the penis straightens out and adjusts in the proper position.

Automatic device with built-in monitor

Negative effects arise mainly in the event of improper use of the pump.

  1. Skin spots on the penis are due to microcuts in the veins.
  2. Loss of penis sensitivity.
  3. Reduction of ejaculation force.

Effectiveness of the pump

What can be achieved along with regular use of the pump? What will be the results? Many men ask themselves this question, who have decided to resort to such a penis enlargement method.

During regular use of the pump, long-term results arise as soon as within 6 months. If over the course of this time, one additionally applies preparations stimulating testosterone production, the effect will come faster. But these preparations are to be taken strictly based on doctor prescription based on important reasons

On average, pumps enlarge the penis by 3 cm in length and 2 cm in width. The younger the man, the faster he achieves results.

How to use the vacuum pump

The first session must not be longer than 5 minutes in order to avoid swelling.

In order to avoid swelling and bruises, it’s important to observe safety technique.

  1. Process your penis with an ointment.
  2. Pump all of the air out of the flask.
  3. The maximum duration of a session is 20 minutes.
  4. If you want to reduce the pressure inside the flask, you can let a little bit of air into there.
  5. If you use a hydro pump, take a hot bath before the session. In 8 minutes, place your penis into the flask so that the ring compressor firmly rests against your scrotum.
  6. To create a vacuum environment, complete several vibratory movements.
  7. Excess water in the pump with a hydro pump is released using a drain valve.
  8. Additional physical activity stimulates production of testosterone and accelerates results.
  9. During the first week, use the pump no more than 10 minutes once a day. Second week: 15 minutes. Third week: 10 minutes twice a day. Week four: 15 minutes twice a day. Fifth week: 20 minutes in the first half of the day and 10 minutes in the second half.

Hand-held device with pump

Consequences in the event of improper use

Improve or overly frequent use of the vacuum pump can cause injuries. Here are the most widespread complications from it.

  1. Lymphatic fluid standstill. The first symptom is puffiness in the form of a ring around the head of the penis. In this case, the course is recommended to be temporarily terminated.
  2. Swelling. This can arise during lowered pressure in the flask or continuous procedures.
  3. Worsened erection — during long-term use of the device.
  4. Change in the skin color and internal blood circulation caused be overstretching of the skin and vessels.
  5. Vessel thrombi are dangerous, but fortunately very rare complications In order to lower the risk, before starting the course, complete a study of your blood circulation system.

Negative changes in the structure of the sexual organs occur during use of the pump for more than 45 minutes a day. Excess pressure causes numbness in the nerve endings and the man can no longer feel unpleasant sensations. For this reason, it’s very important to adhere to the indicate time norms.


  1. Sugar diabetes.
  2. STD’s.
  3. Inflammatory illnesses of the urinary tracts.
  4. Digestion problems.
  5. Cardiovascular illnesses.
  6. Thrombi formation risk.

In the event of contraindications, we recommend trying other ways of affecting the genitals.

Pump care

Proper care of the pump extends its use lifetime. As far as the device contacts the intimate areas, it needs to be systematically processed with an antibacterial solution.

Before use, wash the pump with warm water and soap. After use, sterilize it with a solution and keep it in a dry and clean place.

How do yu make a vacuum pump on your own?

The penis increases to 3 centimeters

In order to increase penis size using a pump, you don’t have to spend money on buying one. This device can be made using your own bare hands literally with some stuff lying around at home.

How does a man do that?

Cuff pump

You need a bike or car cuff pump. To manufacture the pump, you need to create reverse action in the pump so that it pulls out air, not suppress it. Unwind the pump, turn the cuff upside down, and then assemble it in reverse order. Such a method will help you create a vacuum environment.

To release excess air, mount a reverse valve. For this purpose, a vacuum compressor valve will work perfectly. Place it into the pump house. For a greater effect, you can create pressurization.

This simple device can create a shallow vacuum environment. A more powerful pump can be made out of an everyday compressor.

This is a stronger device. Suitable for its manufacture would be a compressor out of an old refrigerator.

  1. Extract the steamer and condensator out of its compressor. To do so, you need to the slice copper tubes connecting them.
  2. Connect the compressor to the power source.
  3. Attach the air filter to the entry opening (sold in an auto parts store).
  4. Attach a rubber hose of suitable diameter to the filter.
  5. Check that it is assembled correctly and that the device is connected properly. After than, you can get to using it.

Using a vacuum pump

But this device has a downside. If you use it with moist air, due to the condensate it will quickly become unusable. Whatever happens, you can equip the pump with a receiver and a sinker for drying.

Vacuum pump out of a medical syringe.

You’ll need:

  • A plastic triple adaptor;
  • the plastic triple adapter coinciding in diameter with the openings of the triple adaptor and the syringe;
  • 2 valves from the aquarium compressor;
  • large size medical syringe.

Cut of 3 pieces from the tube with a size of 10 cm and connect them to the triple adaptor. Pressurize the joints and fasten them well to each other. You will get a triple adaptor with 3 branches. Fasten the nose of the syringe to the central branch. Place valves on the rest of the branches. One valve must open to the outside with the other opening to the inside. Draw arrows on the valves, indicating the directions the air is going.

This device can be used to pump liquid from one volume into another using the syringe. Lower one branch with a valve into the liquid while lowering the the second one into an empty vessel that needs to be filled. Using the piston, move the pump into action.

Simple pump out of plastic bottles

self-made vacuum pump

You will need 2 plastic bottles, one a little bit larger than the other. Cut off the upper section of the large bottle so that it assumes the form of a cylinder. On the smaller bottle, make an opening length-wise. The little bottle inside the bigger one. There shouldn’t be a big gap between in walls. A large gap can be reduced by wrapping scotch onto the smaller bottle or adhesive tape.

Connect the hose from the bike pump to the large bottle. The lower bottle is a piston that will pump air. If everything works properly, the home-made pump will work just like one from the factory!

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