Till what age does a man’s penis grow?

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The size of the penis is usually an extremely exciting topic, which causes heated discussions among the male population of the Earth. Despite the fact that women’s satisfaction in sex only indirectly depends on the size of the partner’s penis, many male problems arise precisely because of the number they see on the ruler attached to their reproductive organ. Lack of self-confidence generates a huge number of complexes in a man that sadden him and makes his life unhappy.

It is the young men who feel this way more often; they have not yet had time to gain experience in sex and doubt their own abilities.

On various forums, there are often anonymous questions about what size a penis should be and up to what age it grows.

In most cases, the member grows to the age of 17-18

To answer questions that interest young people and satisfy their curiosity, it is necessary to study the peculiarities of puberty of men and their physiology.

Sexual development of men

The period of 22-25 years is considered the age of the final development of all male sexual characters. It is at this age that a young man finally becomes a man. The onset of puberty occurs with an increase in the size of the testicles. Approximately from 10-12 years of age men begin their hormonal reorganization which influences the penis growth. Also at this age development of the skeleton and certain muscle groups occurs, the figure of a boy begins to look more like a man’s.

The next stage of development is 13-16 years. There is a transformation of the larynx, which means that the voice of the young man becomes lower. Bodily hair growth significantly increases, and the development of the muscular framework continues. As a rule, by the age of 16 the reproductive system actively develops spermatozoa, which is accompanied by the growth of mustaches and beards. Pollutions start — involuntary nocturnal ejaculations. Over the next few years there is increased sexual desire and psychological instability.

The final formation of a young man as a man occurs before the age of 25. The growth of the skeleton and musculature completes. A man reaches psychological maturity, independence and emotional maturity.

Ages of penis growth

Many young men in transition age are very concerned with the age until their penis would grow.

Such an interest towards one’s own body is absolutely normal. But the increased attention to this aspect of a man’s life can also be caused by fear that the penis will not be large enough.

Typically, the growth of the penis begins with 10-12 years, when puberty begins. Before this period, the size of the penis varies slightly. The growth of the penis occurs in stages, i.e. the growth happens either in length or in thickness. The average increase is 1 cm per year. For example, at the age of 12, the average length of the penis is 5 cm, at 14 it reaches 7-7.5 cm, at 16 it becomes 9-9.5 cm and at 18 it is somewhere between 10 and 10.5 cm. In any case, it’s not worth jumping to conclusions. The final sizes will be clear somewhat later.

So, to what age does the penis grow?

The greatest length of the penis is reached by the age of 17. However, by the age of 18-19, the length is slightly reduced (by about 0.5 cm), but there is an increase in thickness. There is an opinion that the penis grows to the end of puberty, that is, up to about 22 years.

how many years does the penis grow?

What affects the development of male genital organs?

Some factors can affect how intensively it grows and to what age. The main factors are:

What size should the penis be

Statistics show that almost half of men are dissatisfied with the size of their genitals. Often the real causes of this dissatisfaction arise not from issues in physical development, but in unrealistic so called “standards” imposed by advertising or pornography. Most women are happy with the size of their men’s penis. However, the male population are not happy with just the statistics.

Before you convince yourself of your own inferiority or start developing a complex without a reason, you need to understand what size of the male penis is considered normal.

The normal length of the penis in a relaxed state is 7-10 cm, and 14-16 cm – in an erect state. The thickness of the penis in the state of erection fluctuates within 3-5 cm. These figures are very approximate, we should not consider them as the only true standard, since the average indicators were chosen as a basis.

Urologists use the definition of the micro penis, if in a state of erection of the genital organ is less than 8 cm. A penis less than 10 cm in an erect state is considered to be small.

How does one influence the growth of their penis?

To very young guys who have not yet reached the age of puberty, doctors do not recommend resorting to any radical methods of penis enlargement such as surgical intervention or use of special simulators. At a time when the reproductive system is not yet fully developed, good lifestyle and a healthy, balanced diet will help to improve the growth of the penis.

Studies confirm that smoking tobacco significantly slows the development of male genitalia. If the addiction has appeared at an early age, then the size of the penis at maturity may be less than expected. Also, prolonged smoking can even lead to a reduction in the penis size.

Quitting nicotine will have a beneficial effect not only on one’s health but also helps to avoid the malformations of the reproductive system.

Young men should pay particular attention to the quality of their nutrition.

Certain foods increase the level of testosterone in the body, which plays a decisive role in the development and growth of the penis.

Effective ways to enlarge a penis

which affects the length of the penis

If puberty has already been complete but a man is dissatisfied with the size of his penis, it is advisable to use alternative methods to enlarge it.

There are many ways to enlarge the penis. The list starts with the achievements of pharmacology and cosmetology – special pills and creams but you can also see methods and techniques of surgical intervention. There are only two really effective ways that help to add a few centimeters to your penis: surgery and an extender.

With the help of a surgical intervention a member can become longer by 3-5 cm. The operation involves an intersection of a ligament that holds the inner part of the genital organ after which this part is stretched and the desired effect is achieved.

If the erect penis does not exceed a length of 12 cm, surgeons can use implants.

An extender is a certified device with proven efficiency. With its help, the penis can be increased without surgery. The device works thanks to fixation of the genital organ in the stretched state, which leads to the stretching of cavities of cavernous bodies and a gradual increase in length and volume. The extender can be applied during a course of six months. During this period you need to use the device every day for 4-6 hours. If you comply with all conditions, the size of the penis will increase by 4 cm. You can also achieve a thickening of the penis.

The size of the penis can be both a reason for pride and cause of frustration and issues in one’s sex life. However, you do not need to worry if the penis is not of an impressive size: for quality sex, the dimensions of your genitals are far from being of paramount importance. The main thing is to understand that even if the size of the sexual organ does not meet your expectations, there are always effective ways to solve such a delicate problem.

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