Surgical Lip Enlargement


With the help of medical cosmetology methods, patients can make their lips puffier and more attractive, in addition to ridding themselves of wrinkles around the mouth.

Patients request surgical lip correction in the following cases:

  1.  Overly thin lips.

  2.  Mouth shape asymmetry.

  3.  For restoration following injuries.

  4.  Inexpressive lip shape and indistinct contours.

  5.  Inborn defects.

Injection lip enlargement is the most widespread form. With the help of a thin needle, a special preparation is injected into the patient – a filler. The enlargement preparation is selected individually with consideration of the necessary amount, the patient’s expectations, and his or her health condition.

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Types of fillers

  1.  Biodegradable gels: extracted from the body over about 1 year. Suitable for enlarging the lips for a short-term effect.

  2.  Bio-polymer gels: provide results for a period of 5 years.

  3.  Hylaform: a remedy based on hyaluronic acid. The preparation’s components are close to the natural components of human tissues. It boosts firmness, freshness, and elasticity in the lips’ skin.

  4.  Restylane: an injection gel with properties similar to those of hyaluronic acid preparations.

  5.  The patient’s own fat tissue: during the lipofilling procedure, an insignificant amount of fatty tissue is taken from the hip or belly region and then is introduced into the lips for the purpose of enlarging them. The results of the procedure, as a rule, are preserved for a lifetime.

All of these preparations render the lips puffier and give them a neater look as well. Sometimes, in order to maintain the results, a procedure is recommended to be performed. But lip enlargement with fillers, despite all of its upsides, does not change the shape of the lips. This can be done only by way of direct surgery – with the implantation of special preparations.

SoftForm and AlloDerm are considered to be the best preparations. The latter is a natural folio collagen obtained from donor skin. The preparations are introduced under the skin through small slits in the sides of the mouth and quickly integrated into the body.

The operation is easy for the patient to handle, since local anesthesia is injected and it is not traumatic. The procedure lasts just 10-15 minutes, but it can extend to a half hour in the case of lipofilling. In rare cases, the operation duration may be extended.

Lip enlargement doesn’t require lengthy rehabilitation. As soon as the next week, the patient can return to his or her everyday routines.

Surgical Lip Enlargement

Contraindications against lip enlargement include

  1.  Lip inflammation.

  2.  Allergies (especially anesthetics).

  3.  Herpes and other skin infection diseases.

  4.  Problems with blood coagulability.

  5.  Pregnancy.

  6.  Intolerance of preparations that are used during the procedure.

Possible risks and complications

1. Consolidation in the area of the injection, puffiness, itching, and redness (in the event of an allergic reaction).

2. Lips asymmetry.

3. Blood circulation.

4. Implant migration.

5. Lumps and scars – in the event of lipofilling.

6. The patient’s body rejecting the preparation (in the case of the preparation SoftForm).

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