Self-made extender – 2 ways of making it happen

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The extender is a device for increasing your penis at home. The device is relatively new, but is already considered to be an effective tool, designed to change the size of the penis. This device works without harming the body of the man as a whole, and his penis, as well. At first glance, it may seem that this is a very simple thing. However, if you try to make such a device yourself, this can cause some problems. Later, in this article, you will find information on how to make an extender yourself.

The first way to produce an extender

The extender is arranged quite easily. For its manufacture, you will need:

  1. Two axles. To create the necessary rigidity, you can use a strong metal wire or solid plastic. The main thing is to get 2 straight, rigid rods.
  2. The ring is made of plastic. It is intended for emphasis in the pubis, located at the base of the penis. It should be wrapped with some material for comfortable wearing.
  3. The loop. Mounted on the head of the penis, pulling it. It should be soft enough to not damage the penis.
  4. Harness. It is intended for connection of the head of a penis together with the strap.
  5. Flexible strap. It is necessary to attach it to the head of the penis with the help of the harnesses. Thanks to such a strap, the penis is not too compressed, and the blood vessels are working normally.

Take note of the fact, that if you decide to create an extender with your own hands, then you automatically assume a huge responsibility. Incorrectly assembled extenders can cause severe damage to the penis. Be careful, as your health depends on your actions.

After the necessary materials are found, they should be properly installed. To do this, you need a few homemade bindings with a soft surface.

device manufacturing principle

We will learn the truth about assembling an extender at home:

  • There should be no sharp ends and surfaces, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the tissues of the penis.
  • We make the design in such a way that the penis can be fixed for the entire length.
  • Anything that touches the skin and head of the penis must be made from materials that do not cause an allergic reaction, excessive friction, or scratches on the penis.

The homemade extender of this kind will be similar to the original, but its quality will be inferior to professional products.

The second way to produce an extender

For making the device using this option, you also need a plastic ring wrapped in a soft, pleasant material. The main difference is the replacement of the main design with an ordinary spring. The spring must be in a state of light tension, so you need to correctly choose its dimensions. The base of the spring must be firmly connected to the ring with a quality adhesive. The upper part of it is connected with a loop, that is, with a nozzle for the head.

An important point: the device made by this method has a strong effect on the penis. A spring, in a stretched state, with more power, stretches the tissues of the penis rather than the fixed rigid axes that were used in the first version.

However, the homemade simulator of this design has the following disadvantages:

  1. Does not work on a curved penis. If an ordinary extender is designed to enlarge a penis by eliminating bending, the spring device can not have this effect.
  2. Pressure on the base of the penis. This is not the best option for enlargement of the penis, because the organ will be strongly tightened, which can lead to damage to the blood vessels.

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