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Thanks to the World Wide Web, information on available methods of penis enlargement is available to everyone to achieve the much coveted 18 cm, you don’t need to risk your health, resorting to costly surgery. You can add 3-5 centimeters to your member other ways, including special massage practices, used by some peoples since the ancient times. Based on various known methods of genital transformation, scientists and physicians developed a technique called penis building.

Peculiarities of penis building

This method of enlarging penis derived its name from two English words: ‘penis’ and ‘building’. Its based on physical effect on the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ. This stimulation stretches the cavities of cavernous bodies, which increases the amount of blood that they can contain during sexual arousal. Due to this, the penis increases in length by a few centimeters.

IMPORTANT!!! The cavernous bodies of the penis can be stretched considerably, changing their size.Regular stretching of cavities of cavernous bodies leads to an increase in the penis.

With regular penis building exercises a penis becomes larger, like muscles after doing sports. After a month of regular practice, you can notice a change in size with a full erection. If you do penis building regularly, the increase will be visible even when your penis is not erect. To achieve maximum comfort and get a faster result, you can use a special tool that can be bought in a sex shop.

Penis Building Technique

The technique of penis building implies an enlargement within three ways.
This includes:

  • massage and special exercises;
  • extender application;
  • use of a vacuum pump.

Apparat for penis enlargement

All these methods employ the same principle: they stretch the tissues of the penis, which leads to their micro-fractures, and then the natural regeneration heals the cells and as a result, the tissue expands. In addition, increased blood circulation helps to fill the cavernous bodies.
The use of special devices makes the procedures more comfortable and allows for a quick effect. However, even an ordinary massage of the penis with elements of special exercises helps to achieve good results. Its main advantage is accessibility, since you do not have to buy anything.
Extender and vacuum pump can be bought in a sex shop. Be sure to consult with the seller.

Regardless of the method chosen by a man, penis building is a time-consuming work, not only on yourself, but also on the size of the penis. It is based on three principles:

  • regularity;
  • patience;
  • time.

Even with the most intensive exercises, you will notice the first results within a month of daily practice but no earlier. Therefore, it makes no sense to measure the penis daily. The duration of exercise should be at least 15-20 minutes. If you use a special penis cream, the first results will be achieved sooner.

Different methods of penis building

The most accessible method of increasing the penis size is a special massage (jelqing). It is based on the technique of stretching the penis from the base to the head. It is necessary to tightly grasp the penis in a ring of fingers and pull it out, moving from the base to the head. Alternate direct and reverse grip and change hands – so the stretching of tissues will be more thorough. Jelqing can be performed both on a dry penis, and with a special gel.

orthopedic system for penis enlargement
Exercises should be performed when the penis is in a state of moderate erection. This state of the penis is the best suitable for the regenerative processes. This will ensure a stronger growth of new cells and a better increase in size. The first training is recommended in front of the mirror to monitor the correctness of the exercises. Before you begin massage movements the penis needs to be slightly warmed up, so grease it with a special cream. Then you can proceed directly to jelqing.
Special remedies for penis enlargement should be used simultaneously with a vacuum pump or extender – a design for stretching the penis.
Special gels help to achieve better results, enhancing the effect of the massage.

  • The blood flow to the penis increases, which improves metabolic processes in the tissues. The accelerated processes of cell regeneration and division, increases the penis;
  • Lubrication significantly reduces the likely risk of injury to the penis during exercise;

The opportunity to make your sex life better is in your hands (literally). Keep going and you’ll achieve great results!

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