How to measure the size of a penis correctly?

how to measure penis length

Why are men so concerned about the size of their own sexual organ? The fact is that men’s self-esteem often depends on the size of their penis. Therefore the measurement must be correct. If the measurements are done incorrectly, a man may experience either a depression or groundless sense of pride. In addition, it is necessary to measure not only the length, but also the diameter of the penis which is also important in sex.

Why is it important to know the size of your penis?

There are other reasons:

  1. Desire to be confident in your sexual abilities.
  2. Interest in how your body works.

Choosing the right condom. It’s no secret that condoms fall into 4 categories, depending on the length of the penis. If the condoms do not fit in size, they will slip or rub and tear.

Using techniques to enlarge the penis. To track the result, you need to know your size “before”.

How to measure the length of a penis?

A penis is measured in a state of full erection with a ruler made of transparent plastic. Attach the ruler to the upper side of the penis. Zero mark should be at the abdomen. Position the penis 90 degrees from the abdomen. The value of the ruler on the tip of the head is the exact length of your penis.

This method is also suitable for penises with curvature.

If you have excess weight, press the ruler into the stomach.

How to measure the thickness of a penis?

You can remember school formulas, use special tables to determine the size. Or you can use a much easier method. You will need a ruler and a piece of thread. Wrap a thread around the base of the penis. Mark the intersection of the ends and attach the thread to the ruler. The distance between the marks is the thickness of the penis.

measure penis length with a threadAnd what if the penis is wide at the base, but narrow at the head, or vice versa? In this case, measure the circumference of the penis in different places and calculate an average value. The average data is sufficient for choosing a condom and for own piece of mind.

How to measure the diameter of a penis?

Here you will need school maths knowledge. The thickness of the penis is the length of the circumference, which must be divided by the Pi number (3.14). The result is the diameter of the penis.

How to enlarge the penis with the help of an extender?

If the length of your penis does not satisfy you, you can lengthen your penis with an extender. This popular and proven method will help you get the desired size.

It is recommended to wear the extender for 6 months, and for a year in extreme cases. The first results will appear in a month. Average growth is 0.5 cm every month.

Throughout the course, it is important to regularly measure the penis in order to track the result.

The extender not only increases the length, but also the diameter of the penis. The device is not visible under your clothes, which means that it can be worn not only at home.

The principle of the extender is based on the body’s ability to regenerate (self-repair) tissues. It stimulates cell division of cavernous bodies and improves blood flow to the penis.

What if the results do not satisfy you?

Some men are not happy because of the size of the penis, even if it is within the norm. Many of them get quite depressed and insecure. If you stay upset for too long it lead to psychogenic impotence.

If you are sure you need a larger penis, do not delay and sign up for an appointment with a psychologist or a psychotherapist.

IMPORTANT! Psychologists do not recommend too get fixated on the size of the penis, because in relationships with women this is not the main thing. Even the biggest member, if misused, might be able to satisfy your woman.

The size of the female vagina is limited. A penis which is too large can cause serious discomfort to the woman and even cause pain. If your penis is smaller than you would like, learn the techniques of sex that contribute to deep penetration. So you bring maximum pleasure to your partner. After all, the main thing is not the size, but the ability to use your penis masterfully!

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