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Lately on the market, various remedies for penis enlargement have been enjoying huge popularity. Their demand stems from the availability of this category of remedies, their high effectiveness, and the benefits that many men confirm. On various sites you can find a huge amount of reviews providing the benefit of the creams and gels for penis enlargement. Yes, a cream for solving the intimate issue of penis size exists, numerous creams. Various companies delight customers with the variety of products they have, so you can find creams, gels, and ointments that need to be applied onto the sexual organ and rubbed into its tissue. Men who are interested in solving this delicate issue have mostly likely already tried such products or have heard about certain remedies for penis enlargement. What will be examined in this article will be the most popular and effective remedies providing a basis to enlarge penis size at home.

Popular remedies for increasing penis size

Popular remedies for increasing penis size


In order to choose a high-quality cream for enlarging the penis with confirmed action, you need to thoroughly study all the components it has, figure out the main functions of the preparation, and its possible side effects as well.

Types of Gels and Creams

The trends of the action of remedies in the form of gels or creams can vary. But their main effect entails the following:

  • The cream possesses a short-term effect. When using such a remedy, the influence on the sexual organ’s tissue is provided only for a brief time. As a rule, it needs to be applied only for undergoing intercourse. The action is preserved over the course of 2 hours after application. Often times, men use similar remedies in order to make an impression on their partner or boost their self-esteem.
  • Cream with lengthy effects. Used for growth stimulation of the sexual organ lengthwise or in volume. The action is designed for fortifying blood flow to the penis. In addition, similar remedies possess a softening and moisturizing effect, which have a positive toll on the condition of the skin in the intimate zone. The producers of such products provide a guarantee that the effect will be long. More detailed information on applying it and its effectiveness can be read on the producer’s site or on the remedy’s package.
  • Auxiliary cream. This type of cream is beneficial if used along with other remedies. Its main difference is that it can (and needs to) be used as an additional remedy along with other methods of penis enlargement, such as a special massage, a vacuum pump, and extender, etc. Immediately, the cream is not capable of harming your health. No negative effects are observed on the sexual organ’s tissue. In the event of complex use with other remedies of this type, it improves blood flow to the penis, which causes its growth.

When using penis enlargement creams, one can substantially speed up the achievement of the goal. Remedies of this type feature a breadth of advantages:

  1. Fully affordable market price;
  2. Universality of use;
  3. lack of age limits;
  4. The possibility to use it at any time;
  5. Its use won’t be noticed by those around you.

Popular remedies

Let’s look at the most popular remedies for penis enlargement:

  • Maxi Size

MaxiSize cream

The preparation features exclusively natural components that have a positive effect on the hormone testosterone, which raises its level. (For improvement of the effect, one can consume foods that boost testosterone). For this reason, the remedy is applied only onto the penis, which provides an action only immediately on the penis’ cavernous bodies. Blood vessels start working better, while the blood enters the penis in large volume.

The cream improves the development of the blood-circulation system, which helps improve erection quality. Enlargement of the cavities of the penis’ cavernous bodies becomes the cause of enlarged penis size. The remedy is hypoallergenic and acts locally. It doesn’t cause you to get accustomed to it.

  • Titan Gel

titan gel

Currently, a lot of attention is being paid to the issue of increasing the penis’ dimensions. For this reason, a lot of corresponding forums have cropped up where people discuss this problem they’re interested in, leave reviews about preparations, and share their own life experience.

Titan Gel consists only of natural ingredients, which makes it as safe as possible, excluding the advent of side effects. Its effectiveness was tested on numerous occasions by leading specialists in the pharmaceuticals sphere. Let’s get into more detail about how Titan Gel works. The penis consists of one labial and two cavernous bodies featuring a porous structure necessary for the organ’s normal functioning.

Included among the components are properties the enable enlargement of the cavity of the penis’ cavernous bodies, on account of which its growth occurs. Also present within its components are those responsible for the boosting of testosterone production. For this reason, aside from enlargement, strengthening of sexual functioning also occurs.

For this reason, mentioned in reviews about the remedy often times is increasing of libido after its application. It’s recommended to apply this remedy about 35 minutes before probable sexual contact — this also stimulates the penis and gives you and your partner pleasant sensations.

The declared components of the preparation are:

  1. Thistle: a stimulator of testosterone production in men;
  2. Lichen juice extract: relaxes the small pelvis’ muscular structure and facilitates blood flow strengthening;
  3. Peruvian poppy: a component often used for treating impotency and infertility among men;
  4. Barrenwort: improves sexual activity.

Doctor and Patient Reviews

Encountered on websites are numerous doctor reviews from different countries, which means that the preparations are widely known. Everyone should apply such remedies that have long since wanted to improve their sex lives and penis size without an operation.

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