How to make glans penis bigger

ways to increase the penis

How to enlarge your penis? Men often ask this question. Regardless of the size of their penis, the thought of getting a larger manhood comes to every man at least once in their life.

About half of the Earth’s male population are not satisfied with the penis that they have by nature and, as a consequence, are looking for available methods to increase their penis size. Can this delicate issue be addressed without a surgical intervention and is it necessary at all?

Size does matter

Studies have shown that the size of certain parts of the male body, including the genitals, may differ, depending on your race and even nationality. These measurements are considered average and normal throughout the world:

  • penis length: 14 cm;
  • glans penis size: 4 cm.

Penis measurements should be made in the state of erection. Make sure to know your penis size before making a decision regarding any changes. An oversized penis or penis head may become a serious obstacle to normal sexual intercourse rather than an object of pride. If your penis is too large, your partner may experience discomfort and even pain during sex.

However, there are very few lucky owners of a larger-than-average manhood, and most men would benefit from a bigger penis. This would help them not only improve their sex life, but also heal their insecurities and overcome psychological discomfort.

psychological discomfort in men

Indeed, small genital size causes self-doubt and communication problems, which in turn affects all areas of life, including interpersonal relations, career, etc.

Such men often need psychological support. It is advisable to consult a specialist to eliminate the main cause of anxiety–childhood psychological traumas and insecurities. If you can’t address the problem in your mind, even the most powerful penis enlargement product won’t make you happy, and even a 20-cm penis will seem small.

How to make the head of the penis larger

Some men are satisfied with the length of their penis but wish to have a bigger glans. There is an opinion that it is the head of the penis that plays the most important role in sex. Hence the conclusion that it’s enough to enlarge the head of the penis and there is no need to increase the size of the entire sexual organ.

This approach cannot be called correct. After all, it is impossible to identify the most important part of the penis when it comes to sex. Besides, penis head enlargement usually occurs simultaneously with shaft enlargement. The only way to increase the head of the penis alone is through surgery. All other methods are aimed at increasing the entire sexual organ.

Once you decide to increase the head of the penis or the entire organ, it would be a good idea to learn more about the modern medical methods. Currently, the following ways are known:

  • surgical intervention;
  • hormonal treatment;
  • special exercises;
  • massaging tools and special devices.

Consult a specialist to choose the method that suits you best. After consulting a doctor, it becomes clear whether penis enlargement is necessary and whether there are contraindications to the use of a particular method.

Surgical methods of enlarging the head of the penis

Surgery is indicated for patients with small penis head size, when it is necessary to increase it by several centimeters. After consulting a surgeon, the patient will have to have a number of tests and undergo a complete medical examination, similar to preparing for any other surgery. The methodology is discussed with every man individually.

The surgeon places a unique matrix under the skin of the penis, positioning it between the head of the penis and the cavernous bodies. This device resembles a small cushion. Its main task is stretching the skin of the penis, providing an increase in size. This method is quite common, although it can lead to certain complications.

The matrix is often rejected by the penile tissues. This result in the inflammation of the male sexual organ. If you do not start treatment and the matrix is not removed promptly, dangerous suppuration would be the consequence. In particularly neglected cases, gangrene may develop, leading to penile glans amputation. Another potential problem with the matrix is the pressure on the important blood vessels of the penis. This leads to a disruption in the blood supply and prevents the penis from filling with blood during erections.

An alternative solution is to inject special gel containing hyaluronic acid, which is a very popular ingredient in cosmetology. The gel acts in a similar way as the matrix, however it does not cause such an great number of side effects.

хирургическое увеличение органа

The composition of the gel is similar to the natural composition of human skin, which virtually eliminates the possibility of rejection. Both methods described above provide an almost instantaneous effect. The difference in the size of the organ will be obvious from day one.

Another method of penile augmentation is by taking hormonal drugs. Unfortunately, this method has more disadvantages than advantages. Such medications may be prescribed by a specialist only after a hormonal screening. The treatment takes a few months, and the results will be visible after at least 2 months. Such drugs are quite expensive and have many side effects. For this reason, this method of increasing the head of the penis is used very rarely.

Making your penis larger using home methods

If you do not need to change your penis radically, you can try at-home methods of penis enlargement. These include special massage techniques and exercises.

Penile extenders and vacuum pumps are the most popular devices for penis enlargement. Consult a specialist before buying and using these devices. They do not produce any serious contraindications; however, their use should be discussed with a doctor.

Extenders provide an evenly distributed effect on the penis, contributing to a gradual enlargement of the entire organ. They can be worn at home, at work and anywhere in between. The device is easy to hide under clothes, and it does not cause significant discomfort. Patients can control the effect on their own.

The vacuum pump works differently.

  • The organ is placed in a special cylinder just before sex;
  • Pumping the air out of the cylinder creates vacuum;
  • Vacuum causes an increase in blood flow to the penis, making it larger;
  • A rubber ring is worn around the penis base.

It is best to use extenders and vacuum pumps with special gels for the penis.

Physical exercise is another safe way to increase the male sexual organ.

Jelqing is the most popular method.

Grip your half-erect penis at the base and begin to make the movement towards the glans, with a firm and slow pressure. The goal is to increase blood flow to the head of the penis and stretch its tissues, thereby increasing the size. It is best to perform the exercise using special penis enlargement creams or gels. The exercise should be reeated for 10 to 15 minutes every day. The first effect will be visible after a week.

Another exercise is squeezing the shaft of the penis. Wrap your palm around it and slowly increase the pressure until it reaches maximum hardness. Relax the palm so that the organ becomes flaccid again and repeat the exercise. This will both provide penis enlargement and promote harder erections.

Slapping the penis against your hips will help to make the glans harder. This exercise is performed in the sitting position, with a flaccid penis. Slap both hips as carefully as possible to avoid pain or discomfort.

This is safe for men’s health, however, the effect stays as long as you do the exercises on a regular basis. Surgery enlarges the penis quickly and permanently, but this method has an array of side effects. Therefore, you should weigh all the pros and cons of every method of penile head enlargement before making your choice.

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