Lip Tattooing

Lip tattoos have been around for quite a lot of time. This type of body decoration has been known since ancient times and has broadly been used by women in Ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean.

Lip makeup: Lip tattoo

Modern day women make decisions to perform these procedures in order to render their lips more attractive or fix certain appearance flaws.

Permanent makeup could be a very good decision for people who don’t want to use a contour crayon or lipstick due to certain reasons: bad vision, shaky hands, etc. By resorting to this procedure, one can avoid spending time on applying makeup every day.

Lip tattooing is shown not only to women who wish to improve their external appearance. This procedure will become a true savior to anyone whose lips have lose their saturated natural color. The cause of such changes can be natural aging, the results of chemotherapy, an operation, as well as the lengthy influence of sunlight.

Currently, beauty salons offer lip tattooing via various methods. However, technically all procedures are similar. In essence, all of these scarification varieties are an invasive method of applying a drawing onto the body or face skin.

With the help of various tattoo methods, one can make the lips brighter, fuller, or partially mask problem areas, as well as correct the thickness and shape of the lips.

Several arguments in support of it

  1. The possibility to render the shape of the lips more aligned and beautiful, visually reduce, or enlarge the lips.
  2. The noticeable time-saving in creating makeup thanks to the tattoo.
  3. Saturated lip color without “traces” on the vessel, clothes, and skin of the person.
  4. The possibility to emphasize the lips for everyone who has an allergic reaction to lipstick.
  5. In order to maintain a fresh appearance in the lips, all one has to do is use cheap gloss or moisturizing colorless lipstick.
  6. Problems of the “lipstick going amuck” into the wrinkles around the lips just doesn’t exist.
  7. Substantial money saving, since you no longer have to buy lipstick.
  8. Your lips will look attractive at any time of day, during any weather, and under any circumstances, which has a positive toll on self-esteem.
  9. Great option for people that want to return their bright, natural lip color.

Lip tattoo consequences: several points against it

  1. The lip tattoo procedure itself can be quite painful, even with anesthetics. This is due to the high sensitivity in the lip tissues.
  2. Unpleasant sensations during the healing process.
  3. The risk of infection exists if you don’t observe the aseptic and antiseptic rules, as in any other invasive procedure.
  4. Impossibility of replacing the lip shade.
  5. The procedure, if not performed in sufficient quality, can distort the natural line.
  6. Pigmentation migration is possible.
  7. A probability of allergic reaction to the pigment exists.
  8. Often times, the cost of the procedure is quite high due to the necessity to have several additional sessions.
  9. The process of removing the pigment in the case of necessity takes a lot of time, is painful, and expensive.

Cosmetologist recommendations for minimizing possible negative consequences

  1. Choose an experienced export who observed all the safety and hygiene standards.
  2. Discuss the desired result with the specialist and the desired expectations from the effect.
  3. Distinctly perform all the specialist’s instructions, both during the preparation for the procedure and after it. Usually, patients are recommended refusing to visit a pool, sauna, or steam room for some time. It’s also not allowed to get the drawing wet or remove a scab, which has formed during healing. Certain other recommendations selected individually can be used. It’s extremely important to observe all of the specialist’s advice.
  4. Discuss the full cost of the procedure along with the application of antiseptics and additional manipulations. Find out what the final price of the tattoo will end up as.
  5. For full lip tattoo, chose a neutral shade. A brighter color can be applied at the same time for special cases.
  6. Do not spread the tattoo beyond the line of your natural lip contour if there is no need.
  7. Take proper care of your lips, regularly using balsam for the lips with a high content of SPF for preventing chapping and drying.

Before resorting to some procedure or using cosmetic remedies, consult a specialist.

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