How to improve penis size without an operation

how to enlarge the penis

Many men around the world experience displeasure due to their penis size. The widespread opinion is that this feature of the body is a serious problem capable of ruining your life. The thought that one’s penis doesn’t reach the expected size become a serious roadblock for a man’s self-esteem, which is reflected in various spheres of his life: relationships, professional activity, and, especially, his sex life. In order to acquire confidence in their abilities, the stronger sex resorts to various penis enlargement methods, of which currently man have come about. But are non-surgical penis enlargement methods effective? Now the time has come to get to the bottom of it!

What is normal penis size?

There are no strict sizes to establish a norm. However, the sexual organ of the adult male, if below 8 cm when erect, is considered an anomaly — such a phenomenon is called a micropenis. In other situations, a man can decide for himself whether the size of his penis is good. Mainly affected by this decision is sex quality. If one’s other half gets please, then a man needn’t worry about his penis size. The opinion that success in sex depends only on one’s penis size is absolutely false. But if the problem is in fact real, then it can be fixed.

Is it possible to increase penis size?

penis enlargement quickly

The penis is an extremely sensitive organ to external influence. For instance, its diameter can be reduced if for sexual satisfaction remedies are used with an overly narrow diameter. Changes occur over the course of two months.

Is penis size possible? Before giving you a straight answer to this question, it’s worth understanding whether penis enlargement measures are necessary in your case.

The average length of an erect penis is 12-14 cm. Average diameter is 3-4 cm. If the parameters of your penis are within these limits, then there is no basis to get surgery, meanwhile the issue is probably psychological, not physical. On the other hand, everyone has a right to deal with one’s body how one chooses.

If you firmly have decided to change your life, you will need information on how to increase your penis size at home. Aside from a popular operation (ligamentotomy), there exist the following methods:

  • Jelqing;
  • A special massage;
  • Stretching using suspension weights;
  • Use of medical preparations;
  • An extender;
  • A vacuum pump;
  • Gels, sprays, ointments, and creams for penis enlargement;
  • Penis attachments.

The best results are achieved via a complex approach, when the combination of several methods occurs. Instant results, nevertheless, shouldn’t be expected: in that case you have to bet on regularity and determination. The, the applied efforts will yield fruit.

How to increase penis size at home


The ability to increase your penis size at home many men regard skeptically. On reality, most methods work, but far from how the ad promises. However, there are results. In order to achieve penis enlargement, you need to perform exercise techniques.


The most ancient technique which has come from the Middle East, India, and Africa, where it was used for several centuries. Due to the specifics of the massage movements, it’s other name is “milking”. The influence of the jelqing technique on the penis has been tested many times and really provides impressive results.

It’s necessary to acquire a good ointment and distinctly track the indications provided below. The main condition of doing this technique is to not have a full erection, which must be a maximum of 60-75% of a full erection.

The penis becomes bigger due to acceleration of blood flow. All massage techniques, including jelqing, are based on increasing the volume of the cavities of the cavernous bodies of the penis. In two months of regular workouts, the cavities of the cavernous bodies stretch out, which provides a means to fit more blood volume in during the erection. This leads to a bigger penis.

Let’s look at the two most popular jelqing exercises.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Exercise 1

Before the workout, warm up your penis tissue to make it more elastic. The simplest way is wetting a towel in warm water and applying it to the tool, warming it up from all sides.

Then, you need to cause a non-full erection and wipe the penis with a special ointment. Grab the organ at the base with your fingers, with a tight ring. Then, start to slowly move the ring from the base toward the head, pulling out the penis. Don’t touch the very head. Start from 40 repetitions, gradually increasing the number to 200.

Exercise 2

In this exercise, pressure on the penis is implemented using the whole palm, not just the fingers. You need to grab the penis and squeeze it at least for 10 seconds (that will be enough at first). If the penis doesn’t fit into one palm, use the other hand in the process too. When squeezing, you’ll need to pull out your penis to the left, then the right, then up, then down. Squeezing must be quite hard, but painless. Reviews say that penis enlargement occurs by 2 cm a month.

Erection prolongation


For penis enlargement, many men have successfully used massages. This method is available at home and doesn’t require material expenses. Aside from length and volume enlargement, the passage features yet another property — it provides a positive effect on potency.

The main requirement for this massage is to strictly observe technique. Be very sure to follow the rules and you’ll avoid injuries and achieve the results you want.

Before the massage, be sure to warm your genital organ. Take a small towel, wet it in warm water, and wrap it around your penis. Wait a few minutes and then repeat the procedure two more times. After such a procedure, the massage will create a much better effect, since the tissues will be more elastic, and the skin will stretch better. There exist massage methods, but in all of them a single principle is observed: softly squeezing the penis along with massage motions. Massaging the penis needs to be done 1-2 times a day.

Hanging weights

Increasing penis size by hanging weights on them is a method that poses the risk of injury. The tendons of the organ, like its cavernous bodies, are subject to constant influence from the weight. This leads to stretching of the male tool, but its width meanwhile remains the same.

Before this procedure, the penis is warmed up using a massage. Then, a light bandage is to be applied on the head, which a lace is attached to. On the lace, a small weight is attached. The continuation of the first few sessions must take 15 minutes and then the mass of the weight and the time are to be gradually increased. Be sure to avoid numbing of the head. If this occurs, you must lessen the load.


This device is used not only for increasing the length and width of the penis, but also for eliminating curves in it. The action of the extender is directed toward stretching out the penis, due to which the tissues start to grow in order to get rid of uncomfortable tension. The result from applying the device is preserved for a long time. This means that the increased dimensions of the sexual organ are preserved. The extender needs to be applied for several hours a day, gradually increasing the load.

An extender can be a vacuum, a loop, or a belt. An appliance with a loop fixture costs cheaper than the other types, but it’s not comfortable to use.

There are no universal recommendations for choosing an extender. Each man must choose the device on his own, basing on the individual features of his body and lifestyle.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is an appliance whose work principle is similar to suction. It is applied only for enlarging the size of the penis, but also for increasing erection quality. The appliance does a great job of helping to solve the problem of where the penis while erect is not elastic enough or big enough. The pump creates conditions of a vacuum around the penis, stimulating blood flow and strengthening erectness.

How is the vacuum pump applied? Before use of the device, the penis needs to be wiped with a special cream, after which it is to be placed into the case that the pump is equipped with. In order to create a vacuum, air needs to be pumped into the case, causing the penis to become under pressure. Due to the enhanced bloodflow, the volume and size of the male organ increases, and erections become more resilient. Pressure within the case can be regulating by using a manometer built into the device.

The penis enlargement that can be achieved thanks to the vacuum pump is time-sensitive. It’s recommended to use this device right before intercourse. For lengthening the effect, one can use an attached erection ring. Despite the short-term enlargement of the penis, many men give preference to this device in particular, since an effect of a resilient erection is added along with the quick enlargement of the tool.

Vacuum pumps are sold in certain pharmacies, as well as specialized sex shops.

Gels, sprays, ointments, and creams

Despite the huge amount of video ads in which they talk about the wonderful instant effects, opinions of specialists on such products differ. Of course, an effect is noticeable after using them. The issue is that the result often times doesn’t reach expectations.

Regardless of the form that the preparations are offered in (creams, sprays, etc.), their effect can take three forms:

  1. Short-term;
  2. Long-term;
  3. Auxiliary

Usually, an effect is achieved if aside from these remedies some type of method is used (massage, jelqing, extender).

Ointments with a short-term effect fully tackle this task. The main thing is to add into their components something with a heating effect that is capable of causing strengthened blood flow to the male penis. This causes a temporary enlargement of the head of the penis and the whole organ as a whole.

If one chooses a preparation with long-term results, one needn’t base oneself on numerous positive reviews under the description of the product. Photographs and videos “before and after” also shouldn’t be taken seriously. Unfortunately, not a single ointment or gel can provide noticeable results without additional help from massaging or an extender.

When it comes to remedies with an auxiliary effect, their effectiveness can also be fully explained. Their action is directed toward accumulation by extending the cavities of the cavernous bodies and improving tissue elasticity.

Enlargement operation

Far from every man can make a decision and get surgical enlargement. Of course, all methods examined above are less effective than a ligamentotomy (entailing a penis enlargement operation), but any of them is affordable to a large audience of mean, while a surgeon’s services remain out of reach due to their high prices. An operation can take two forms: penis length enlargement or increasing of its width. Surgically a penis can be made 4 cm wider. Operations is done along with local narcosis in specialized clinics. A required condition before an operation is a specialist consultation.

If an operation is done by a professional, then the risk of complications arising after it are reduced to a minimum.

In any case, before making a decision to undertake such extreme measures, it’s worth trying alternative penis enlargement methods at home.

Penis attachments

An attachment is the moment widespread solution for everyone trying to increase penis size for sexual contact without material or temporary expenses. Aside from length enlargement, an attachment adds a certain thickness to the penis, as well as providing additional stimulation. Within the arsenal of adult stores are open and closed versions. More suitable for penis lengthening is a closed attachment. The usual material for such toys is medical silicon and latex, which are soften, firm, and elastic enough. Also, they mostly are reminiscent of a person’s skin.

Such an attachment can be of absolutely any form and size, often times providing a means to lengthen the penis by 10 cm. Although such an extreme enlargement is needed for very few people. Usually enjoying popularity are attachments that lengthen by 3-6 cm. Yet another bonus for women is that an attachment is capable of significantly extending intercourse, which occurs due to reduction of the penis’ sensitivity.

Thus, the conclusion can be made that an attachment is the best option for those who sometimes like to surprise their partner in bed.

Penis enlargement methods vary greatly, so if one wishes one can achieve good results, meanwhile without spending money. However, one should consult them when one’s small penis problem is real and it’s really ruining one’s life. For the sake of an experiment, it’s not work subjecting one’s body to such trials, since it can be dangerous and lead to extremely unpleasant consequences. Love your body and it will love you back along with your partner, regardless of your penis size.

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