Ideal penis size

Penis size may start worrying men even when they’re young. With the onset of puberty, this issue becomes an even bigger cause for concern. A lot of young men may worry that they won’t cut it in terms of size. it turns out that research has been done in order to determine the average and ideal penis size.

Of course, the results are not one hundred percent accurate. However, there is some data that can serve as a starting point. This data can be used to compare how you stack up against others.

This article talks about what size is considered ideal, whether or not you can increase your penis size, and whether or not the female orgasm depends on size.

Regular and average penis size

Exact penis size should only be measured when the penis is fully erect. The penis should be measured from the base to the head. Stand up straight, making sure your penis is parallel to the floor. This is the way penis size was measured for research purposes. In order to compare the results, researchers created a special map that they added measurements to (both for fully erect and non-erect penises).

The challenging part was that the researchers had trouble getting the men who participated in the experiment to stay fully erect. They used special medications to make it happen, which reduced measurement accuracy.

What should be the size of the penis

The measurements taken by men at home were different from the results obtained in lab settings. Usually, self-reported size was bigger than the size reported by the researchers. So it makes sense to make room for possible errors due to erection quality, which can be completely different depending on the circumstances.

According to the measurements, average penis length was 13-14 cm. Over half of all men fall into this category.

Although the researchers were more or less able to come up with an average penis size, the idea of a “normal” penis size is a somewhat abstract concept. It would be logical to say that a normal penis size should be one that is sufficient to have a fulfilling sex life and satisfy women.

A poll conducted in the US several years ago revealed an interesting fact: over 90% of women said that they are completely happy with their partner’s penis size and don’t understand why men seem to be so concerned with this issue.

Ideal penis size

No matter what women say, most men don’t believe that size doesn’t matter. It seems that men are preoccupied with some kind of ideal size. An ideal penis is one that perfectly complements a woman’s vagina. So what should it look like? This problem can be easily solved by taking a look at the human anatomy.

The average length of a woman’s vagina is about 8 cm. When a woman is aroused, this length can be extended by 2/3. This means that any penis over 10cm in length is enough for a woman to feel sexual pleasure. However, many people think that only a big penis can make a woman orgasm, and that 12-14 cm is not enough to get the job done. This is not true. Some data suggests that an ideal penis size is 11.5 cm.

3-4.5 cm is the standard in terms of girth. Incidentally, this matters much more to women than length.

The most important thing is not to take penis size too seriously. Keep in mind that every person’s anatomy is slightly different. It doesn’t make sense to be insecure about it.

Ideal penis size

Size at age 13 and 14

A man’s penis shouldn’t be constantly growing from birth until puberty. Until the age of 13, penis sizes may vary drastically. On average (until puberty), penis size is about 6-7cm, since young boys have relatively low levels of male hormones. Secondary sex characteristics are usually how puberty is detected in boys. At age 12-14, their voices start to drop and hair starts growing from the armpits and near the groin. Wet dreams also start happening around this age, and boys start paying attention to the opposite sex. The penis usually stops growing by age 17, and puberty starts to come to an end then as well.

Doctors take signs of puberty into account during checkups, but they do not track penis size. However, the development of secondary sex characteristics is very important. If changes don’t start happening around age 13-14, this may indicate a hormonal imbalance and signal that a special kind of therapy may be necessary.

Ways to increase penis size

The wish to increase penis size may appear while the boy is still a teenager, which is when boys frequently compare themselves to others in locker rooms. Over time, these thoughts may turn into an obsession for many boys, and they may have trouble getting rid of it. If you really want to make your penis bigger, use safe and accessible techniques such as:

  1. Using a vacuum pump. This is an effective technique that yields temporary results. The pump is used before sex. It’s used to make the penis bigger and make the erection harder. It’s important to consult your doctor before buying a pump.
  2. Ligamentotomy. An operation performed by plastic surgeons. The one downside is that you can’t increase penis girth. This is only possible if you get a transplant from additional tissue.
  3. Penis enhancement pills. This is like taking a slow-acting bomb of hormones. The result is usually a better and longer-lasting erection, but penis size does not change. It’s risky to take these pills without consulting your doctor first.
  4. Jelqing. A special massage technique aimed at stretching out the erectile tissue. It can be done with special penis enhancement creams.

Some pharmaceutical companies manufacture creams that can increase penis size, but they’re only effective when used together with special massage techniques or an extender.

It’s worth pointing out that the problem of penis size is often psychological, similar to anorexia. However, if a man is really convinced that he needs to have a bigger penis, he can get a consultation with a doctor and take measures to increase penis size.

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