Ideal breast using Macroline gel of hyaluronic acid

Low self-esteem and endless mental complexes are two of the main factors for which people can’t fully enjoy their lives. Women, the beautiful half of humanity, are far more likely than men, the stronger sex, to feel insecure about their own appearance. Unfortunately, not all women have the same luck of being endowed with a body that matches the modern standards of beauty. One of many areas of discontent, is the breasts. Women worry about their breasts at any age, creating torment and even depression. Trying to match the modern beauty standards, women surrender and do their best to make their “imperfect” figures to match the “perfect.” Some will go as far as to have plastic surgery or other interventions. However, cosmetology can offer a solution. Fortunately for women, there is already a product called Macroline gel, that will allow you to change the shape without surgery.

Macroline – Injectable Gel for Body Correction

The Macroline gel was developed by the Swedish company Q-Med, where it has been actively used in plastic surgery since 2002. Other Western European companies have allowed the use of this hyaluronic gel since 2008. The gel does exactly as it was designed for and it has minimal side effects. It has a very positive perception, since its composition is similar to that to the naturally produced hyaluronic acid, within the human body. The main function of macroline is to fill the hollow sections of the skill cells, thereby increasing the overall volume.

Breast enlargement with macroline gel is becoming very popular due to this function. If you hadn’t already had the thought, it is also very suitable for lifting of the face and buttocks. The use of hyaluronic filler is also recommended for women with breast defects or severe breast asymmetry.

The usage of macroline seems simple enough, but you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before you decide to partake. It should be noted, that 1 gram of macroline is not cheap and that breast augmentation can take up to 300 grams of the gel. If you were to consider tightening the face, you would only need a few grams.

Advantages of Macroline gel

Generally, petite women do not have large breasts, but they dream of having such seductive forms – a small waste and large breasts. These women think about surgical procedures, but it is a difficult decision, since they can be very expensive, full of complications, and the end result may not match the envisioned desire. It would be far more convenient for women, if they had the option to “try on” a change before they had to commit to it. Here, the macroline gel really is amazing, since it can be as easily removed, as it was originally injected. If the results do not match the desired ones, you can simply undo the procedure. On average, the breast augmentation takes about 25 minutes and doesn’t require any additional special training. The rehabilitation period is minimal and the swelling will subside in just a few days.

Gel macroline is used for:

  • Figure correction;
  • fixing asymmetry or other defects;
  • improving the condition of tissues;

The advantages can be attributed:

  • the ability to quickly return to the usual way of life;
  • absence of postoperative scars and marks.

The macroline gel has an overall beneficial effect on the skin, as it stimulates the production of collagen, thereby improving the tissue elasticity and simultaneously normalizing the water balance. The macroline is injected with a special needle, that protects the skin from any scars or marks. The puncture hole itself will quickly disappear after the hyaluronic filler starts taking effect.

Disadvantages of hyaluronic filler from Q-Med

Like most things in life, the gel is not without some drawbacks, which could cause a client to turn down the procedure. Most of the issues will be because of an incompetent specialist, as opposed to problems with the gel itself. If the gel is not introduced properly into the breasts, it could accumulate in undesired places, which can heighten asymmetry, as well as causing painful sensations. In addition, here are some other potential disadvantages:

  • Relatively short-lived effect (about 1 year);
  • Expensive price;
  • X-ray examination will be difficult;
  • The gel could potentially shift to different areas;
  • Some restrictions during the rehabilitation period.

Getting the macroline gel injection is similar to surgical interventions You should limit any heavy lifting or impacts on any areas that have been treated with the gel. Since the procedure is relatively short lived, it is recommended to either repeat the injection, after about a year, or to have the gel remnants removed. It is possible to have periodic pain and discomfort.

In conclusion, the gel injection technique has advantages and disadvantages, therefore, you need to thoroughly research your desired results and the best ways to achieve them, most likely with an expert.

If you love your body, it will love you!

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