How to use an extender

Small penis size forces complex sex

Most men are very sensitive about their penis size. If the size is right, it is something to be proud of. By contrast, small penis size creates insecurities. Fortunately, this problem can be solved without spending a fortune, thanks to a special device called an “extender”. If you use the device correctly, you will be able to make your penis larger in a short period of time.

What is normal penis size?

Most adults, especially men, have always been concerned about the issue of penis size. The statistical data is discouraging: women are likely to break up with their partners or cheat on them if their penis is not big enough. It is not surprising that men are very sensitive about this issue and are willing to resort to drastic measures to solve the problem in the shortest possible time and to save their relationship. Some men are ready to go under the knife, wear weights on their penis or try other, equally dangerous methods, putting their health and even their lives at risk.

It was believed until recently that penis size is determined by genes at the moment of conception. Therefore, it is impossible to change what nature has in store for you. Fortunately, this theory has been proven wrong recently. A penis extender will help anyone make their penis larger quickly, without age restrictions and at an affordable price. However, before using this device, it would be a good idea to consider whether penis enlargement is necessary at all.

It is not uncommon for men or their partners to be excessively demanding towards penis size. There are certain parameters to determine whether a penis is big or small. These parameters are:

  • penis size from 13 to 17 cm is considered to be normal or average;
  • if the manhood is smaller than 13 cm, it is considered to be small;
  • penis length of 17 cm or larger makes you the owner of a large manhood;
  • if the size of a penis measures less than 8 cm, it is called a micropenis;
  • the average penis circumference is 3-4 cm.

However, all kinds of men may be among those who wish to increase the length of their penis, not necessarily those whose penis size is less than 13 cm. That is why it is very important to get an idea of what an extender is and how to use it.

Penis extenders: types and features

There have been a lot of mixed reviews since penis extenders were first introduced to the market. This situation is quite understandable: the product is in demand and people express their opinions. Some customers are dissatisfied with their purchase. Do not rely solely on negative reviews. As a rule, negative reviews happen as a result of unsafe application or using a wrong device.

The modern extender is a special device designed for safe and painless penis enlargement by a few centimeters in a short time.

Interesting fact! Most extender manufacturers guarantee an increase in size by up to 25%, and the results remain for life.

Before the device became available in the market, it went through several stages of clinical trials. The device received positive feedback from doctors and was recommended for extensive use.

Most extenders consist of the following components:

  • basal ring;
  • shaft platform;
  • extension rods with adjustable tension;
  • silicone straps, tension-control bolts.

There are several types of extenders, therefore some parts may vary depending on a model. Let us look at different types of extenders to understand how each of them works. Currently, urologists recommend several types of devices suitable for home use.

Before using an extender, be sure to consult with a specialist. Incorrect use or application of the device may lead to injuries of the genital organs, this is why it is necessary to observe safety precautions. It is known that counterfeit devices have flooded the market. Be careful when buying an extender: too low a price is a cause for concern.

Vacuum extenders

Vacuum extenders (also known as pumps) are equipped with a special cylinder; pumping the air out of the cylinder creates vacuum. It should be applied strictly according to instructions. The glans is placed into the cylinder, where low pressure is created. This results in the penile tissues being stretched.

Through this simple process, blood vessels in the penis expand, providing extra blood flow. It does not cause any discomfort. In fact, the sensations are similar to those that you experience during an erection: the cavernous bodies of the penis start expanding, promoting penis elasticity and increasing penis size.

The vacuum pump provides noticeable results with long-term use. It is invisible under clothing, so it can be worn any time – and not only at home.

Strap systems

Fully safe, non-operative increase in phallus - extender for penis enlargement

Many men prefer to use strap systems, and it can be easily explained. They have many benefits:

  • easy to use (no hard metal elements);
  • easy to wear;
  • lightweight (you almost don’t feel their weight);
  • compact size;
  • invisible under clothes;
  • contain fewer parts than other extenders;
  • do not cause discomfort.

Putting the straps on is easy and fast. The device will not prevent you from leading a full, active life and even playing sports and working out.

Extenders with loop straps

This extender is less popular than the previously mentioned model. The device is attached to the head of the penis with a silicone loop. This may cause discomfort to some men. The loop is made of soft medical silicone, however its circular profile feels uncomfortable to many and may even injure the foreskin.

However, the loop model remains rather popular, and many men prefer it because the price is a little bit lower compared to strap systems, while the principle of operation and design have only minor differences. However, loop extenders have a distinctive feature: they are not recommended for men who have a small glans or whose coronal sulcus is not so well-defined.

Before making up your mind about buying an extender and wearing this foreign object, it is very important to know what kind of results it could provide. According to some reviews, extenders may cause discomfort and even pain. The discomfort is explained by the fact that a foreign object is worn against the delicate skin of the penis for a long time, causing constant tension. However, a real man can handle these difficulties. Besides, most user stories about the pain are not backed by evidence.

The penis increases to 3 centimeters

Myth: it hurts to wear an extender

Usually, it is those who have failed to see the product work that talk about pain. Men who have bought a cheap (and probably counterfeit) model are also risking physical pain.

The penile tissues are quite elastic; this is why slight traction will not cause pain or serious discomfort. Painful sensations may occur only under one of the two conditions:

  1. There is something wrong with your health;
  2. You are wearing the extender incorrectly.

Unfortunately, many men think that reading the instructions is a waste of time and use the device by trial and error right after unacking it. This is the wrong way to use it! Be sure to consult with your doctor, carefully read the instructions, and you will see positive results after a while.

How to wear an extender

Most men who consider buying a penis extender ask at the forums if it works at all. The answer is yes, but on one condition: you should follow all the instructions, recommendations and precautions. It is easy to wear the device, but remember that you will have to wear it for several hours a day for several months (depending on the desired result).

It is important! You must read the instructions that come with the device!

Wear it on your penis when it is in a flaccid state. Do not wear it on the erect penis. Otherwise, you risk injuries. The instructions were created by experts and repeatedly tested. Do not add or change anything.

  1. Wear the extender over a clean, dry penis.
  2. Roll back the foreskin.
  3. If your male boosting device is equipped with a comfort pad, place it over your glans.
  4. Slightly pull the glans to expand the coronal sulcus.
  5. Place the noose or silicone strap directly under the glans.
  6. Secure the head of your penis onto the device by tightening the silicon strap.

At this point, men often try to create too much traction. This mistake leads to penile injuries rather than to rapid gains. If you stick to a healthy diet rich in protein while on your penis-extending regimen, this will bring a great benefit to your body.

It is recommended to create a moderate level of traction first, and then to increase it gradually. How to determine the minimum traction? Easy! To calculate the required length of the device, subtract 4 cm from the length of your penis in the erect state.

Adjust the length slowly and cautiously, using the bolts. Do not increase device length during the first two or three weeks. You may stretch it by 3 or 5 millimeters after 15 days.

The degree of traction is determined in the same way. In the first days, it should not exceed 400 grams. Do not change the settings in the first two weeks. Remember that you are not supposed to feel severe discomfort or any kind of pain. If you experience serious discomfort or pain, reduce the level of traction.

Sex life and extenders

massage to increase the penis effect, how to do

Remember that wearing the extender should not reduce the quality of life in general and sex life in particular. Wear your extender only during the day and remove it at night. This will give your body some rest.

Every time you remove the extender, you will get a feeling that your penis has become bigger. Urologists suggest using this time for sexual intercourse. Trust me, sensations will be much more intense than before.


Remember that using the extender puts your body to the test. Avoid overloading yourself. This includes frequent sexual contacts. It would be best to give up alcohol and stick to a monogamous relationship. Alcohol is harmful for your body. It removes a huge amount of protein and calcium from the tissues and bones.

Follow a healthy diet rich in animal protein. Eat more seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other protein foods, and this period will pass with minimal discomfort and maximum effect. Stay healthy!

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