I lost weight in 2 months on a “diet” of coffee and cakes.

Sugar-rich foods and Green Coffee: my review

Almost all healthy lifestyle websites post fake stories about weight loss methods that don’t involve dieting, with the sole purpose to make people join gyms or get painful surgery. “I had gastric bypass and lost 25 kilos” and stuff like that.

Unlike all this nonsense, my story is real. It took me 2 months to lose 15 kilos. All I needed was a little motivation, a corner pastry shop and a secret ingredient. But first things first.

I was never skinny. I tried tons of slimming diets since I was 13. I weighed 60 kg at that age. Then my weight reached 70, 80, and finally, 97 kg. It was hard to live off celery and lemon juice, but as soon as I would start eating normally, I would gain 5 or more kilos. I tried to work out in the gym, but it was too far from my place and getting there after work was a big problem.

Six months ago, a new guy joined our team at work. He was so cool that all my female colleagues secretly fell in love with him. I weighed almost 100 kilos back then and had no hopes to achieve happiness.

I was upset and started browsing online shops. There wasn’t much logic in what I bought that night. Here’s a full list, in no particular order: 6 boxes of chocolates, 2 bottles of weight loss capsules with green coffee bean extract, an XXL summer dress, and a set of marzipan figures.

To be honest with you, I adore sweet stuff. I could eat it not-stop. When I’m not on a diet, I love to indulge in cakes and pastries. I was glad to learn that the Green Coffee capsules could be combined with any food I liked. Basically, munching on cookies and washing them down with a weight loss drink is totally my thing.

So I came up with a new kind of diet: Green Coffee + sweets

Here’s my conclusion: a diet of coffee and cakes is the best thing I’ve ever tried! I’ve never eaten so much delicious stuff and I’ve never been so slim in my whole life.

Within the first week, I lost about 4-5 kg and shrank a size. In the past, it would take me two weeks of starving (basically living off water) to achieve such results. In fact, the Green Coffee capsules consist of 100% concentrated extract of unroasted green coffee beans that are extremely rich in chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid, in turn, promotes fast weight loss. To achieve the same results with ordinary coffee, I would have to drink 15 liters per day instead of taking 1 capsule concentrated green coffee extract. That’s the benefit of Green Coffee!

How to use Green Coffee?

In total, I took Green Coffee for 2 months (1 capsule per day). Then it is recommended to take a break for a few months and repeat the course if necessary. But I didn’t bother repeating it because I’d already lost 15 kg! My height is 188 cm, and 82 is a perfect weight. I am very happy and lead my usual life: I work, hang out with friends, eat cakes in the evenings and enjoy life as much as I can.

The new guy I told you about was transferred to another department. He tried to shag me but I didn’t care because I was already dating someone else at that time.

Pros and cons of a diet of sweets and Green Coffee


  1.  No dietary restrictions. The day before yesterday I ate a chocolate cake at bedtime. By the morning, I had lost 700 g.
  2.  No special food and drink regime required. You can eat whenever you want! But it’s better to drink more water.
  3.  Big discounts on Green Coffee. This website offers a discount of 50%.
  4.  Fast weight loss. Of course, you won’t be able to lose 25 kg in 2 weeks, but you will easily lose 15 kg in 2 months.
  5.  Zero chemicals, drug substances, or stimulants. Only green coffee extract and your favourite foods.


  1.  You can’t replace Green Coffee with regular coffee. These are totally different substances that affect your body differently.
  2.  There are many imitations out there; this is why I wouldn’t recommend buying Green Coffee in pharmacies. It is best to order Green Coffee online here. It is the website of the official manufacturer of the product. Your order will be sent to you directly from the factory. These capsules are guaranteed to make you lose weight.
  3.  Many controversial reviews about Green Coffee. Some people buy a counterfeit product and leave negative reviews as a result.
  4.  People won’t believe you. My neighbors gossiped that I had liposuction. The parents were seriously suspecting that I was sick because I was losing weight so quickly. My female friends were jealous, but only until they went on the same diet of green coffee and cakes and lost weight too.

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