Extender for penis enlargement

Small penis size makes complex men

Approximately half of the world’s male population is unhappy with the parameters of their penis. Typically, small penis size becomes a cause for concern. As a consequence of being unsatisfied with their body, men feel insecure, it affects their relationships with their partners and results in mental disorders, and may lead to a depression. Despite the belief that a loving woman doesn’t care about the size of the penis of her partner, it’s only partly true: ladies are unlikely to consciously say no to a big penis.

Penile surgery seems to be the obvious solution to this problem. However, the surgery can’t be regarded as a panacea: the procedure has contra-indications and may result in serious complications. But there are ways to make the penis bigger without surgery.

A worthy alternative is the orthopedic extender for penis enlargement. It will finally allow you to get rid of complexes and get your penis up to the normal measurements. The normal penis size is considered to be 14 centimeters or above. To achieve the desired 18-20 centimeter mark, many men are ready for drastic measures. However, they don’t have to put their health in jeopardy. It makes sense to first try the safer ways of penis enlargement, such as extenders.

First glance at the extender

Extender is a device designed for safe penis enlargement at home. Penile tissues are very elastic and are able to stretch. This device used precisely this feature of the human body, i.e. extender helps to stretch the penile tissue. Prolonged use of the penis extender increases the size of cavernous bodies and stimulates the creation of new cells. As a result, the penis becomes larger.

Extender is the device for a safe, painless increase in the penis

The advantage of this method lies in the fact that penis increases not only is length, but also in volume. This method is recommended for use to those who show no serious health problems.

At the moment, we know three types of extenders:

  • vacuum extender;
  • strap extender ;
  • loop extender.

Vacuum extenders are considered to be the most effective. However, if used without a proper knowledge, it may cause micro-sores on the penis surface. Strap extender is not suitable for long-term exposure. The safest option is considered to be a loop extender. However, the final choice depends on your individual circumstances, and the decision must be taken together with your doctor.

It’s imperative to comply with the expert advice and follow the instructions supplied with the device. All this will allow making the penis about three to four centimeters longer and gain one centimeter in diameter. To achieve this, men need to wear the extender for at least four months for 3-5 hours a day.

Penis enlargement surgery free

Extenders are absolutely safe, non-surgical method of increasing the size of the male organ. How does it work and what are its active principles?

The extender is made of the following elements:

  1. The support ring made of a soft plastic, which is located at the base of the penis.
  2. Pull out rods made of metal on both sides. They ensure permanent penis stretching. If necessary the rods can be extended with additional add-ons.
  3. Mount, located on the head, which is the most important item of the device.

The fastening principles determine the type of the device. Its main task is to ensure the maximum comfort during utilization. The quality device shouldn’t give you any feeling of discomfort. Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice, because you are the only person able to choose the ideal extender.

Effect of the extender on the penis

Extenders mechanically affect the penile tissue by stretching them. Constant tension causes cell division at an accelerated pace, which makes the penis longer and thereby increases its volume. The device can be also used after circumcision.

The extender guarantees a stable increase in size, provided you comply with user instructions. The device can be used by all adult men without exception. Also, the extender may help correct congenital penile curvature.

There’s no evidence that this procedure deteriorates quality of erection, decreases libido and causes problems with potency. Therefore, such statements are unjustified. According to customer and expert feedback the device is likely to improve the quality of sexual life, both partners will receive more enjoyment from the intercourse. The device is easy to use at home. Specialist follow-up may be required in the early stages, while choosing and getting used to the extender. Later on, the device can be used in full autonomy.

Using the device

Fully safe, non-operative increase in phallus - extender for penis enlargement

The extender is secured on the soft penis.

  1. The penis is inserted into the support ring, which must come in contact with the pubis.
  2. The rods are pressed and secured.
  3. Use the bolts to adjust the tension. Start with light tension gradually increasing it.

To install the device, you will need to perform three simple steps. If the extender is properly applied it will cause no discomfort. Therefore, it can be worn not only at home but also at work. The device remains invisible under the trousers.

The vacuum extender is equipped with special bulb to insert the head of the penis, before the air is pumped out. The bulb is made of a soft elastic material, which eliminates the risks of injury.

Strap extender

The vacuum extender with a metal rod may not be suitable for every man. In such cases, patients are recommended to try strap extenders. The principle of operation of the device is the same and the only difference is in the way it is secured.

  1. The head of the penis is placed in a special chamber that replicates the shape of the head. The air is pumped out of the chamber, which makes the head of the penis go inward.
  2. The penis fixation is much faster to perform.
  3. A strap is attached to the chamber, and must be wrapped around the waist to create tension.

The chamber is made of an elastic material to eliminate the sensation, as if the extender was squeezing the penis head. This in turn prevents the compression of the blood vessels. The inner part of the chamber is protected against the penetration of bacteria.

This type of equipment also has several disadvantages. The head of the penis may show bruises and calluses due to the constant sucking action. However, the German manufacturers have solved this problem by creating the head nozzle provided with an adhesive membrane. This material provides a tight contact with the glans penis, but eliminates the negative consequences.

Effect after using the extender

According to patients and doctors, the first results could be expected as early as the second week of use. However, the major progress will be visible in about a month. The main thing is to regularly use the extender, not missing a single day. This will allow you, six months later, to witness an obvious increase in the length and volume. The most intensive growth of the penis occurs in the first six months. The further use will maintain the effect, without significantly affecting the dimensions.

In contrast to the extender, the use of suspended weights is extremely dangerous and carries risk of serious complications.

The mechanical action of the extender is permanent and stable. While using the device, wear loose comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics.

Choosing the right extender

When a buying penis enlargement device pay attention to the following:

  1. Material. It should be flexible and non-allergenic. These materials include plastic and medical silicone.
  2. Manufacturer. Today German manufacturers are considered to be the best. However, analogue devices from various countries are gradually conquering the market.
  3. Easy to wear. The degree of comfort is difficult to determine without trying. Consider the experience of other customers or seek medical advice. In the first weeks it may feel somehow uncomfortable but this feeling must disappear.
  4. Wear resistance. Devices with metal rods are considered to be more durable.
  5. Quality assurance. Buy only certified products.

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