Erection loss during intercourse. What to do?

Why does erection disappear at the most crucial moment of lovemaking? What are the solutions to this problem?

Here are the most common causes of men failing in bed.

  1. Psychological problems, low self-esteem (especially in young men).
  2. Health problems.

What are the psychological problems that prevent men from having quality sex?

  1. Desire to achieve an orgasm at whatever cost.
  2. Anxiety while having sex with a new partner.
  3. Uncomfortable conditions in the bedroom (too cold, too hot, etc.)
  4. Lack of privacy, other people are nearby.
  5. Lack of respect from the partner.
  6. Lack of attraction for the partner, lack of confidence in her health and cleanliness, unpleasant body odor coming from her.
  7. Lack of affection and trust.
  8. Fear of repeating the negative experience of the past.
  9. Fear of not being able to satisfy the partner.
  10. Insecurities related to penis size.
  11. Porn addiction. Inability to react in a normal way when being in bed with a real woman.
  12. Overanxiousness and lack of confidence in sexual abilities.
  13. Fear of causing pregnancy.
  14. First sexual experience.

Physiological causes

  1. Incorrect sex position.
  2. Weak pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Bad habits (tobacco and alcohol addiction).
  4. Use of drugs that reduce testosterone levels.
  5. Heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  6. Hormonal disorders.
  7. Use of steroids.
  8. Diseases of the prostate gland.
  9. Tight condom.
  10. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spinal hernias, spinal injuries, etc.).
  11. Sexually transmitted infections.
  12. Being overweight or underweight.
  13. Lack of physical activity.

1. What is the main difference between psychological and physiological problems?

If your penis brings you down when you are with your partner but works perfectly when you masturbate on your own, it is a psychological problem. If you fail to achieve a sustainable erection during masturbation, you are dealing with a health issue.

2. How to regain your male strength?

  1. During morning erection, tense your penile muscles to make the penis slightly bounce. Repeat 50 times.
  2. Do exercises “for men”.
  3. Tense the penile muscles for 2-3 seconds, then relax them for the same amount of time.
  4. Choose correct sex positions.

“Woman on top” is the least desirable position for those who have erectile problems because it causes an outflow of blood from the penis.

The following positions will help you keep healthy blood circulation in your sex organ:

  • on your knees, your partner lying on her back with her legs thrown on your shoulders;
  • the classic missionary position;
  • “from behind”.

3. Win over your insecurities

Appearance-related insecurities will not allow you to relax even when you are in bed. Lack of confidence causes erectile dysfunction.

What are the most common male insecurities?

  • Having too much body hair.
  • Excessive sweating, unpleasant body odors.
  • Having no opportunity to take a shower, problems with personal hygiene.

These problems are easily solved. Excessive hair can be shaved off or depilated. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem of bad breath can be solved with a dental visit, and it only takes a few minutes to take a shower and put on fresh underwear before going on a date.

4. Stimulate your erogenous zones.

There are several erogenous zones around the penis area. By stimulating them, you can prolong the erection and enhance the pleasure. This tip would be especially useful to those men who lose erection while putting the condom on.

Where are these erogenous zones located?

  • On the lower belly, above the pubis.
  • Around the base of the penis.
  • Above and below the scrotum.
  • The area between the base of the penis and the scrotum.

Once your erection gets weaker, massage these areas or ask your partner to stimulate them.

5. Practice sex in the morning

In the morning, testosterone levels are particularly high. Do not neglect your “morning glory”. Even if you have problems with sustaining erection in the evenings, you might still perform well in the mornings when erections are especially strong, even in older age.

6. Use products for potency enhancement

Even if you think that you are too young for Viagra and other serious drugs, try “lighter” (yet very effective!) products. Men’s intimate gels such as Titan Gel and Xtra Man, Hammer of Thor drops and similar natural products will quickly restore your male abilities, without causing any harm to your reproductive and cardiovascular systems. Intimate gels provide an additional benefit: with regular use, they make your penis slightly larger and thicker. Your partner will appreciate it!

7. Have sex in a comfortable environment

Whether you plan to engage in lovemaking in your own bedroom or in a spare room in the midst of a party, try to take care of these factors.

  1. Temperature. It should not be too cold when you take off your clothes, or too hot.
  2. Lighting. It is best to make love in a dimly lighted room: subdued lighting or candlelight would be perfect.
  3. Noise level. If you hear outside noises, mute those with relaxing music (use your smartphone or TV).
  4. Comfortable place. It is best to make love on a couch or mattress that is not too hard or too soft.
  5. Your own condition. To prevent a fail, make sure that you and your partner are not too hungry or drunk, and stay in a good mood.

8. Take a shower

Make sure your partner takes a shower or bath before intercourse. The smell of a freshly showered body promotes arousal. And, of course, do not forget to take a shower or bath yourself.

What to avoid

  1. Never use any substances from this list before sex.
  2. Hormonal drugs that reduce testosterone production.
  3. Illegal drugs and psychostimulants.
  4. Antidepressants.
  5. Tobacco and alcohol in large quantities.

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