Erectile Dysfunction. Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a male inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Although usually, this phenomenon is temporary, chronic cases also exist, preventing men from enjoying a quality sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction: Overview

Most men at least once in a lifetime had to faced this unfortunate situation. Many people are familiar with the situation when the erection suddenly disappears or does not come at the crucial moment. There is no reason to panic. Though unpleasant, it is quite natural. The first thing to do is to find out the nature of the problem, and only then take concrete steps.

  • Erectile dysfunction can be divided into 2 types:
  • Psychogenic.
  • Organic.

Sexual problems of psychological nature are caused by external factors or emotional experiences. The reason for the disappearance (or absence) of erections may be as follows:

  • adverse situation;
  • stress;
  • emotional strain;
  • fear.

Typically, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is more common in young men. The treatment consists in eliminating the problems preventing a quality sexual intercourse. If a psychogenic sexual dysfunction has been diagnosed, no medication is to be prescribed.
The organic erectile dysfunction is caused by health conditions. Supposedly, the decrease in the quality of intimate life is directly linked to age factor. However, the erectile function is not necessarily affected by age, but by the diseases and disorders of body functions.

Factors affecting the quality of erection:

  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise);
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • kidney and liver conditions;
  • complications of diabetes;
  • nerve damage;
  • certain drugs;
  • hormonal disorders.

The hormonal balance and impotence

Hormonal levels play a major role in human sexual function.
Testosterone is extremely important, if we talk about the sexual life. This hormone determines stamina, physical strength, libido and even the size of the penis.
Testosterone deficiency leads to erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual drive. Consequently, the disappearance of erection (or impotency) can be caused by testosterone deficiency.
Testosterone production in the body decreases with age, it may also occur under the influence of stress and environmental factors.

To maintain optimal levels of androgen, it is recommended to have regular physical activity, give up on bad habits and adhere to a protein-rich diet.
The testosterone production may be also normalised via natural biologically active food additives, such as a Hammer of Thor.
Food supplements are different from synthetic hormone analogues. Hormonal drugs can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor after a comprehensive hormonal check-up, while nutritional supplements can be taken without any medical tests, simply following the directions.


Erectile dysfunction. Treatment and prevention

Modern medicine offers various solutions to this touchy problem. Patients with psychological nature of the problems can find help in professional advice. Whereas the problem of organic nature requires a surgical invasion and treatment with special formulas.
Patients are often interested to know how to achieve a stable erection as long as the treatment is not yet completed. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved. Modern men can use Sildenafil and vacuum pump for penis, which can be combined with the therapy.
Keep in mind that the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved, and there is a number of ways to do it. Do not leave the issue unattended and be well.

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