Efficacy of non-surgical breast lifting. Existing methods

Is it possible to lift the breast without surgery? According to different advertisements, it is very easy, because special creams and pills work even in hopeless cases. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to lift the breast quickly and cheaply using these ways. The location of the mammary glands is affected solely by the skin tonus, which helps to lift the breast. Consequently, non-surgical breast lift using pills and creams is impossible. Pills usually contain estrogen (in the best case scenario), and creams affect only the top layer of the skin, and don’t have influence on its tonus.

How to lift the breast without surgery

Is it actually possible? Yes, it is possible. However, it is not as efficient as with the help of plastic surgeons. Breast lift using non-surgical methods has a good effect if there is minor mastoptosis (the so-called breast sagging), and the breasts are small. If you only need to create a visual effect of the bust lift, without any body interventions, you can do the following.

Here are the most popular methods of breast lift.

  • Breast lifting with threads inserted into the skin.
  • Cosmetology and physiotherapy.
  • Physical exercise and special massage.
  • Creams and supplements.
  • Breast lift stickers.
  • Let’s discuss in detail, the pros and cons of every method.
  • Breast lifting with threads

It is carried out by inserting elastic threads from a material, that is not rejected by the human body, into the skin. The threads form a mesh frame to lift the bust. By adjusting the degree of tension of each thread, you can lift the chest to the desired level. In addition to the main effect, the presence of artificial material leads to the formation of dense collagen fibers under the skin, improving its elasticity and tensile strength. The duration of the effect can be up to several years. Subsequently, the tension procedure has to be done again. If absorbable material has been used, it would be necessary to re-inject it.

The advantages of this method:

-there is no period of rehabilitation, anesthesia and hospitalization;

-the effect is noticeable immediately and persists for a long time;

-the method is easily tolerated by patients.


-the method is used only with minor or moderate mastoptosis;

-the procedure is suitable only for small and medium bust (not more than the third size);

-the result depends directly on the qualification of the specialist;

-there is a list of surgery contraindications (severe acute and chronic diseases, diabetes, etc.)

-the high cost of the procedure.

Mesotherapy and physiotherapy

Mesotherapy is the injection of pharmaceuticals with a rejuvenating effect into the deep layers of the skin. The drug is a mixture of hyaluronic acid with vitamins, amino acids, etc. Such “youth cocktails” stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which are responsible for its elasticity.

Physiotherapy procedures are applied in combination with mesotherapy and strengthen its action by:

  • microcurrent therapy. Enhances the effect of mesotherapy by stimulating the formation of new cells and increasing production of collagen and elastin;
  • myostimulation. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest, and therefore lift the bust.


  • A simple method, available in almost any cosmetic salon;
  • the method does not have a large list of contraindications, in comparison with breast lifting with treads, there is the minimum risk of developing breast diseases and allergies to drugs;
  • Affordable price.

Disadvantages and limitations:

  • the method is effective only if there is minor breast sagging (initial stages of ptosis), when the breasts only began to lose shape;
  • the result is visible only after a few weeks from the beginning of the procedures. It is difficult to predict the effect;
  • the course will have to be repeated in 3-6 months.

Exercise and massage

Exercises include the training of the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle, which allows you to make the bust higher and voluminous. Massage improves blood flow to the mammary glands, which promotes stimulation of metabolic processes in tissues. Various breast lift creams are used during the massage, as well as after it.


  • pectoral muscles training does not require serious costs.

Limitations and disadvantages:

  • doubtful effectiveness;
  • the need to always workout;
  • improper performance of breast massage can further stretch the skin, which will lead to the opposite effect.

Creams, ointments and pills

The use of any cream without additional methods can not restore breast elasticity. These drugs usually contain components that stimulate the collagen synthesis in the skin. Unfortunately, the active components of the cream can not penetrate into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, which are the main lifters of the breast; they effect only the epidermis. In cases when the cream contains estrogen, it can cause swelling of the mammary glands, which helps to increase and lift the breasts. However, this is a temporary effect.

A similar effect is seen when taking pills (bioadditives), the effect of which is based on estrogen production. Hormonal drugs can not be used without prior examination and permission from a doctor.


  • accessible and easy to use.


  • poor efficiency
  • risk of hormonal imbalance.

Breast Lift Stickers

These are female “tricks” to create visual effect. The advantage of the method is the absence of body interventions, therefore, the absence of contraindications and high universality of the method. Breast lift stickers are silicone stickers put on the breasts, creating the so-called invisible bra. Part of the sticker covers the nipple, and the other part sticks to the top of the breast, lifting it up.

It is up to you which of the methods to choose. It is important not to harm your health in order to maintain your beauty. So try to thoroughly consider all the options before choosing one of them.

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