Effective exercises for penis enlargement

How to address the issue of a small penis

We all know how seriously women treat their body weight. If the scales indicate at least 1 extra kilo, they take it as a tragedy. Men look at their penis size in a similar way. The measurements of this body part is the biggest concern on their minds. In order to add a few centimeters to their manhood size, men use all sorts of tricks — and it is perfectly normal. This desire is justified by the need to be the best at everything. Even the most modern man is a conqueror by nature.

A small penis size leads to insecurities and low self-esteem in men. Naturally, this situation affects their quality of life in a bad way.

How to address the issue of a small penis

There are currently a number of methods that could help to solve such a delicate problem. The modern man’s arsenal includes all sorts of creams, gels, pills, and even mechanical devices for enhancing penile size. Some men have ligamentotomy–surgical operation for penis enlargement. However, the simplest and safest method is exercising your penis.

This is why, if you choose an at-home method of penis enhancement, be ready to sweat. You will need:

  1. a clean towel;
  2. lubricant;
  3. a measuring tape;
  4. a notebook for recording your progress.

First, measure the most intimate part of your body and write this figure down in your notebook. Update the results every week.

Important! Even if you remember the anatomy of the male organ from school, it is still a good idea to refresh your memory. There are three chambers inside the penis: the corpus spongiosum, located on the lower surface of the penis, and two corpora cavernosa on the dorsal side. The lower chamber includes the urethra. The corpus spongiosum ends in a conelike expansion called the glans penis. The corpora cavernosum are responsible for the size and hardness of the penis in the erect state. The two cavities become filled with venous blood during sexual arousal.

Choosing exercises depending on your goal

Exercises for a thicker penis

penis enlargement quickly

These exercises can be divided into the following types:

  • gripping exercises;
  • cyclical exercises.

Squeezing the organ increases its thickness.

Grip your penis at the base and move towards the glans penis, with a soft and gentle pressure. Any exercise should be performed after a warm-up. Do a relaxing massage after the exercise. If you repeat this routine daily, you will be able to achieve at least a 3 cm thickness. Observe safety precautions to avoid pain and injuries. The first results become noticeable in 3-4 weeks. If you are not satisfied after this period of time, consider continuing exercising.

Exercises for training your penis at home

You can make your penis longer using a purely mechanical process of pulling. This can be done with your hands, or rather, fingers. These at-home workouts only take 20 minutes a day and allow you to gain up to 3 cm in length. It is best to do these exercises at home in your free time. Before you start your training, consult a doctor and get a health screening to make sure you have no diseases of the genitourinary or vascular systems.

Remember that any exercise puts a strain on the body and this should be taken into account. Increase the load gradually.

Warm up your penis before you start stretching the tissues. Take a towel, soak it in warm water and apply to the groin area, wrapping your penis with it. Keep the compress for about 5 minutes. You need to warm your sex organ in order to prepare it for the workout and increase the blood flow to the tissues. After warming up, wipe the penis dry and start exercising it.

Stretch the penis, trying to reach the maximum length and holding this position for a few minutes. The same principle applies to using a penis extender.

Let us look at some of the most effective penis workouts:

Muscle stretching

First you need to stretch the penile muscles. To do this, grip the penis below the glans and at the base and start pulling it slightly. With this exercise, you will be able to improve blood circulation and warm up the muscles.


This exercise resembles milking a cow. Lubricate the penis using gel or cream. Form an “okay” sign with your thumb and index finger. Apply slight pressure to the penis and stroke up. Repeat at least 100 times.

Blood circulation

This exercise helps to restore blood supply to the pelvic organs. Massage your penis using circular movements. Work from the base to the tip and repeat 30 times. You can vary the speed and use the fingers of the other hand. Before finishing, slap your penis against your inner thighs 20 times. These exercises help to restore normal blood flow to the genitals.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises help to strengthen the intimate muscles and improve the quality of erections, preventing erectile dysfunction. You can find the detailed description of the exercises online. This article simply outlines the main points.

Penis stretching exercise

Slowly stretch the penis in its flaccid state for about 15 seconds. Do 10 repetitions.

Continue the routine by stretching your penis in a variety of directions. Use the following stretches:

  • 360 degrees stretch;
  • pendulum stretch;
  • double rotation stretch;
  • V-stretch;
  • A-stretch, etc.

What to do after exercising

What to do after exercising

Both you and your penis need rest after exercising at home. If you wish to obtain a permanent result, make sure to follow a protein-rich diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The routines described above will allow you to:

  • boost your penis size;
  • correct some penile defects;
  • enhance male performance;
  • intensify the sensations during an orgasm.

Love your body and go for your goals!

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