Creams for penis enlargement: truth and myths

penis enlargement quickly

Creams for penis enlargement are often widely advertised. The idea is very tempting: just apply the cream onto your penis twice a day and rub it in, and the result will not take long. In 1-2 months your member will allegedly grow by 5-6 cm.

The choice of creams to enlarge the penis is very wide, as well as their price range. But while following your dream, do not forget about common sense. Before buying, we advise you to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of such creams.

The truth and myths about creams for enlargement of a penis

In this article, we will open the whole truth to you and demystify a few facts about creams, ointments and gels for penis enlargement.

MYTH Cream is the cheapest way to enlarge a penis

If you believe advertising, the average price of this remedy is $50-80. Anyone can afford it. But the average volume of a cream tube is 50-100 ml. To significantly enlarge the penis, you need to apply the cream several times a day for several months. In some cases, the procedure takes 6 months, which will take several tubes of cream. And this is quite a large amount of money.

In addition, if your aim is maximum effect, you cannot do without the additional purchase of a vacuum pump and extender. But the result is worth it.

MYTH Creams are a relatively simple way to enlarge a penis

According to the manufacturers, it is enough to apply the cream on the skin twice a day, and you can forget about training, massage and exercises. Some manufacturers claim that their remedy can enlarge a penis in just a month, and with prolonged use, the gain will be more than 10 cm. This is impressive. But the average result for most users is 0.5 cm per month. The enlargement of the penis occurs due to the increased circulation of the cavernous bodies. The result is only visible on the erect penis.

So, the cream to enlarge the penis is not always an answer. Rather, a way to awaken the hidden potentialities of the body. Best of all, it helps men who have problems with erection and blood filling of the penis. If you have the size and the erection is all right, the result is likely to be minimal. In addition, even the strongest increase in penis cream has a temporary effect. Therefore, it is best to use the cream before sexual intercourse to surprise the partner. The cream works for about 2 hours at a time. If you use it every day, it’ll work for much longer. But still, if you stop using the cream, your member will soon return to its previous size.

Ointment for penis enlargement is absolutely safe

This pattern is easy to explain. The penis is the same kind of organ as any other – kidney, heart, muscle or stomach. No organ will grow by itself, under the influence of an ointment or cream. If everything was so simple, athletes and bodybuilders would not be spending several hours a day in gyms. It would be enough to apply cream twice a day, and everything would grow by itself. Alas, nature is not capable of this kind of miracle. Only regular training leads to a sustainable result. This applies not only to the muscles, but also to the tissues of the penis. To enlarge it, it is necessary to work. It will take not only a cream, but an extender, vacuum devices. Do not forget about regular massage (jelking). Fabrics grow only due to regular mechanical action. And creams several times increase the effectiveness of this process. They increase blood circulation, and your body better perceives exercises, is faster restored, and the process of cell division accelerates several times. Cream + other techniques are the surest way to enlarge a penis.

MYTH Creams for penis enlargement are safe to use

According to manufacturers, creams for penis enlargement are safe for health. But in the composition of some creams and gels there are frankly harmful substances. Especially when it comes to low-quality products.

At the heart of a quality cream there should be organic substances that promote optimal slip of the remedy, as well as components that stimulate blood circulation. But even the most natural products (for example, seaweed extract) in rare cases have side effects. It can be external (itching, rashes, irritation) and internal (swelling, coughing, runny nose) allergic reactions. In this case, immediately stop using the cream.

TRUTH This cream should not be used constantly

The effect of creams to enlarge the penis is short-term, one has to accept this fact. But if you want to briefly enlarge the penis in length and thickness, then why not? This way you can overcome low self-esteem and regain self-confidence. This is less traumatic than surgery.

TRUTH No one will notice that you are using a cream to enlarge your member.

The cream can be used at any time. It is invisible, unlike an extender, which men are reluctant to wear. But to smear the penis before sex and surprise the partner with their abilities in bed is not so hard.

TRUTH Creams for penis enlargement can be used at any age

If one should resort to surgery only in adulthood and take tablets only with the onset of erectile dysfunction, we can assure you that even a teenager can use penis enlargement creams.

What creams are available to enlarge the penis?

Creams for penis enlargement differ in the manner of application and duration of action.

Creams for use before intercourse. They briefly improve the blood circulation in the penis. The erection improves, and the penis becomes larger. As a result, a man during sex feels more confident.

Creams of long-lasting action. They increase the penis by increasing metabolism and stimulation of cell division of cavernous bodies. Despite controversial effecs these creams are very popular.

Auxiliary creams for jelqing, for use with a vacuum pump or an extender. They nnhance the effectiveness of these techniques.

Natural Penis Enlargement

How to use a cream for penis enlargement?

Each manufacturer offers his own method but there are general patterns. It is recommended to apply a thin layer of cream or gel on the skin of the penis since the product contains many active components, the excess of which can lead to skin irritation.

Also, before buying a cream, you need to study the composition for allergenic components (if you have an allergy). In any case, it is necessary to undergo an allergy test: apply the cream to a small area of skin on the wrist and watch for any reaction. If everything is in order, then use the cream to your heart’s content!

The cream should be rubbed into the skin with light massage movements so as not to injure the skin, but to increase metabolism and blood circulation. Some creams should be applied shortly before sexual intercourse. Others should be applied before jelqing or before putting on an extender.


The penis is the organ directly affecting male self-esteem. Therefore many men try so hard to challenge the nature and try to increase the genitals with the help of tablets, creams, ointments, extenders and other devices. The effect of these methods varies, but with effort you can get a good result.

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