Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil is a tart plant product with a spicy aroma. The oil color is greenish-brown and the consistency is viscous.

Black cumin oil has been used in folk medicine for more than 3000 years. The benefits and healing properties of this product were described by Hippocrates and Avicenna. In the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, it has long been believed that black cumin oil treats all diseases and helps to fight fatigue.

Black cumin oil is also described in the Koran. The Prophet Muhammad said that this remedy treats all diseases except death. Cumin oil is popular in Ayurveda medicine. Even nowadays, this oil is used as a raw substance for medicines in Europe and in the Arab countries. The best black cumin oil comes from Turkey and Syria. It has a particularly mild taste and aroma. Oils from Ethiopia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a more intense taste and smell, but are equally valuable.

The oil is obtained from the seeds of black cumin, using a cold pressing method. Not all the seeds are good for this, only those that have about a 35% fat content. The technology of cold pressing allows for the saving if maximum nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Black cumin oil is recommended to be stored in its original packaging, in a dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight, and temperature only up to +25 degrees.

Cumin oil can be consumed by children 6 years or older and adults. An adult dose is 1 tsp. a day, after a meal. For children, it is 0.5 tsp. in the mornin,g after breakfast. If the oil taste seems unpleasant, you can mix it with honey or a fruit juice. If this does not help, you can buy oil in capsules (sold at a pharmacy). Such oil is convenient to take.

The duration of the treatment is every day, for 3-4 months. If necessary, the course can be repeated in 2-3 months.

Black cumin oil for personal care

In cosmetology, black cumin oil is added to moisturizers and face and body masks. It is especially good for oily and problematic skin, as well as for the neck and décolleté zone.

At home, oil is used as a component for natural balms and hair masks, as well as for anti-cellulite massage and body wrap.

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